The thing that’s not called writers block

I’m back. From two weeks and two thousand miles in Turkey where I have seen things fit to make even my hair curlier. I started with well meaning intentions of keeping my travel journal (thank god I resisted buying a sexy new one). Within twenty four hours the intentions had become ‘As long as I keep some notes my photos will help to fill the gaps’. Within seventy two hours I was thirty six behind. Hot, thirty eight degrees (where does that tiny round symbol hide on the keyboard?), getting tired from not sleeping on board hard beds and rising too early. Because we need to get moving ahead of the traffic, because we have to get there before the cruise ship spillage, because we have three hundred kilometres today, making me crabby, I’m on holiday right? Right but you didn’t want to lie on a beach G.

The damn bus was not conducive to writing legibly. That’s not true; San managed it because she can form beautifully neat words. I’ve seen opium fields, Troy, the Blue Mosque, temple cats, those hideous cruise ships sail into port like floating mounds stuffed with three thousand termites. I’ve met an Aspergic American, a beautiful young woman from Pakistan who had fled a ten month abusive arranged marriage and I have forced a smile from the grumpiest Istanbullu Maitre D’ imaginable. I went to the house where the Virgin Mary is reputed to have ended her days on this earth and shamefully touched immeasurably old artefacts with ‘Do not touch’ signs beside them. Emeralds the size of my fist dazzled me when rain fall like the Sunderbans trapped me inside Topkapi. So why am I not writing these stories? There is enough material to keep me occupied for months. Writers block doesn’t exist does it? If I was dedicated, I would be writing at any spare moment, anyplace. So maybe I’m just lazy, maybe I’m just not a writer. Not true, I am and I just have to do it – to write on through the dribble and find the discipline.

14 thoughts on “The thing that’s not called writers block

    1. Mrs Hall, a writer of your calibre should be offering constructive feedback so that a beginner like me can improve instead of demanding photos! Have about 800 so it could be a while! Gxx

  1. It just sounds absolutely amazing. Will look forward to hearing more installments… exactly how did you make the surly Maitre D’ smile?!

  2. It’s good to know if you don’t have writer’s block, then I don’t either. Just a large dose of Idleitis. Looks like we both know what to do and just need to get on with it!

  3. Reblogged this on Lucid Gypsy and commented:

    Well here I am again , stuck in the in the same old block.This one of my first posts from 2011 and no one saw it. I persisted though and until the last year I was posting regularly even if it was more about photography than writing.
    So what now? I keep saying I’ll catch up, I’ll make some time at the weekend, blah blah blah and I do love the blogosphere and the lovely people I meet here. I’m staying.

  4. It’s not like you’re a lazy bitch who sits at home with her feet up! Blogging and writing are two different things. The first is a social outlet. A way to show off to the world. You don’t need it. You’re beautiful just as you are. 🙂 🙂

  5. Don’t worry about not keeping your journal up, I do exactly the same, thinking that my pictures will fill in the gaps: but they don’t because I forget when I get home to name the places where the pictures were taken! And I did this while I was working as a professional writer as well, so you’re not the only one. The secret is to just enjoy what you are doing at the moment you are doing it and I feel that you are doing just that. And as Wordsworth said, maybe it will all be “recollected in tranquillity” and be all the better for it when you write it up in six months time.

    1. I once went on a digital photography course where the instructor told me I’d never been a good photographer until I learned to take fewer photographs! Result, I’m not a good photographer.

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