Ten Things that Puzzled Me Before Ten o’Clock Today


  1. A young woman out running at 8am in just Lycra shorts and cropped top. It was cold and although she would have been working up a sweat, how can it be good if so much skin is exposed and cold-burnt red?
  2. Seeing that a man I know of is still working in his mid seventies. He is probably close to being a millionaire and has been really ill in the last couple of years. So why not kick back and have some fun while he can?
  3. Young women that are kilogramily challenged still have waists, older women usually don’t. Why, how is that fair?
  4. When workmen speak to me they have the sort of look of respect on their faces reserved for wise old crones, when did they stop with the leering look?
  5. I can understand people buying sandwiches I do it myself sometimes – with some unusual filling if I’m away somewhere. But why pay £2.50 from the corner shop for a round of simple cheese and pickle when for a fiver you can buy the ingredients and make five rounds and have leftovers?
  6. There’s a black cat that crosses a complex crossroads with four crossings and traffic lights all over the shop. Mademoiselle  has various routes but whichever one she’s taking she always stands and waits until the little man goes green. Do you think someone could install a push button at cat level and make it a little cat going green instead?
  7. How people are in such a hurry that they aim and dash through traffic on a busy road with pushchairs – in front of them!
  8. Why those children are pretending to be med students when they should be revising for their GCSE’s.
  9. Just how many tired people the hospital can spit out after a night shift, to be replaced by all of us bleary eyed day types. Several thousand manage to slot into their roles on the campus with hardly any confusion, how is this possible?
  10. There was an exception to number 4 above, when I was quite definitely flirted with by a doctor, who wasn’t even vaguely grotty.


Answers for the above on a postcard please – virtual of course. I really need help with some of the many things that cause me confusion.