The High Lands of Orcombe


Orcombe Point at Exmouth marks the beginning of the Jurassic Coast, as well as being a part of the South West Coast Path. Start by walking east along the sea front until the road ends, in front of the red cliff. Look left and climb the zigzag path to the top.

There’s a bench or two along the way.

With plenty to see.

And these information circles dotted on the bank as you climb up the hill are an excuse to stop and breathe!

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It really isn’t very long before you reach the top.Where for a while the sea is out of view.


We pass a field where orchids are abundant in May.

Then look seawards again.

On a clear day you can see as far as Portland, but not this time. We’ve found these instead!

Who can play hopscotch?

I did it all the way to the needle, this bit’s for Meg.

If you start walking by the lifeboat station on Marine Drive, then up the cliff to the needle, it’s less than a mile and a half. If you keep going you reach Sandy Bay, with it’s caravan park in another mile. So this walk could take less that an hour, if only there weren’t such wonderful distracting views!

This little stroll is for Jo, my first Monday walk for a long time. Happy Monday Jo ūüôā


Boxing Day on the Beach

Yesterday I admired Jo’s lovely beach photos and commented that I haven’t been to the beach for ages. Then, after lunch the sun came out,¬†there was a perfect blue sky¬†for a while, it just had to be grabbed, Exmouth called. We were there in twenty minutes,

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The only problem was,

like an army of ants, everyone else was there as well!

But Lindy and the dogs just chilled.

The dogs and I got wet feet, and fun was had by all.

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Last call, as Rommel would say.

Dinosaurs and sand between your toes

If you’re three years old and the beaches near home are grotty shingle, when you feel sand between your toes for the first time, it can be quite overwhelming, you have to pause and take it all in.

fun2Especially if you’ve just met a life sized dinosaur and been on a train for the first time ever.


But when you’re one and a half, it’s still a bit mesmerising, but if daddy’s there to throw you up to the sky,

then everything is really good fun!

Victory . . .

. . . over the elements, the coach, the lack of fitness?

As many of you know, I often head for the coast at Exmouth straight from work on a summer evening. Quite frequently, while I sit and fill my tummy with fish and chips, a group of people are down there on the sand exercising like crazy.

Over on the east end of the beach is Orcombe Point, the cliffs there are red sandstone and they mark the beginning of the Jurassic coast. If the tide is out you can walk around the rocks to a separate beach or at the top of the cliffs walk the South West Coast Path to Sandy Bay,  Budleigh Salterton, Ladram, Sidmouth and beyond.

It’s from around these cliffs that my victors appear. I expect that sometimes they run along the sand, but just as often they paddle, wade or swim around to Exmouth.


Note the guy in black, he’s the coach and as the Commando camp is nearby, I wonder if he is a Royal Marine.


And they’re out and running along the beach.
Come along at the back, you can do it!


Just when they think they’re in the clear, he has them back in the sea.
This lazy Gypsy’s only exercise is walking, so I’m totally in awe of this group. They are all ages, shapes and sizes, but they have a common goal, VICTORY . . . over the elements, the coach and the lack of fitness!

Victory is the theme for this weeks photo challenge over at the Daily Post.

I must open my eyes!

Do you ever realise that you’ve walked past something a thousand times and never noticed it? It happened to me recently, on Exmouth seafront. I was sitting at a bench eating fish and chips, as you know I will at any opportunity, and attached to the wall in front of me there were probably thirty pottery tiles. One of them had a date,

I’ve since found out that they were made at an event called ‘Clay in the Park’, part of the annual festival in the town. Here are a few more that I’ve put into collages.

Some look like they were made by children, no doubt they’re all grown up now. Aren’t their creations fab? I thought I was observant but apparently not!

5 Photos 5 Stories Day# 5

When I was a little girl the area around Exmouth dock was scruffy, full of fishing boats and a bit smelly. You walked across a bridge that always seemed to wobble, and it led to Shelly beach, at the mouth of the estuary. Shelly had a long row of wooden chalets, some little more than beach huts and some were permanent dwellings. I suppose they were a little worn out and shabby but I would have loved to live there, right beside the beach where I could tumble out and paddle whenever I wanted. Then some years ago progress arrived. The chalets were pulled down and I suppose there were less fishing boats than before.The dock became an expensive marina with posh boats, and the chalets were replaced by expensive apartments, I doubt the chalet owners could afford them. Exmouth dock was gentrified.
Exmouth dock

Shelly beach is now called Cockle Sands,¬†there is still¬†sand when the tide is out, but very few buckets and spades.¬†I’m sure you’ve guessed that I preferred it before Progress came.

Jude at Travel Words has nominated me for the ‚ÄėFive Photos, Five Stories‚Äô challenge, and I would like to nominate Cheryl Andrews, a writer and poet who reviews books and takes part in Wordless Wednesday, for my day five.

This would be an easy challenge for you  Cheryl, if you feel like taking it up, no worries if you don’t have time.

The challenge is¬†to just ¬†‚Äúpost a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge‚ÄĚ.

A Bench beside the Beach

Jude’s fun and addictive challenge features benches at the beach this month. ‘You must be able to do it’ she said, ‘living as close to the coast as you do’! Well the weather is lousy so I’m not likely to go to the beach yet, maybe later in the month. Meanwhile I have found this photo taken at Exmouth – my nearest and dearest beach.

beach bench

Share your bench photos, do you have a favourite beach side resting place? Visit Jude to find out more.