Hello From Steps Bridge

I hope you’re all well and happy and continuing to cope with these strange times.

Apart from the attack of the small flying creatures leaving 21 bites each of which have been swollen for five days now, I’m fine.

Does anyone else have horrid reactions to stings and bites? I really hope not, especially as none of the things to be rubbed on have any affect at all.

Never mind, I have nothing else to moan about 🙂

I’m happily retired from 11 years in the NHS.

Oh and I have no idea how to create a post now that things have changed so much here at wordpress.

Bye for now.


14 thoughts on “Hello From Steps Bridge

  1. You’ll soon catch up with WP’s strange new ways, many of us are still struggling! I’ve found that plain old bicarb is as good as anything for stings. Make a thick paste and coat the spot.

  2. Happy Retirement! You’re a free citizen now! 😉
    Ouch! What flying creatures gave you those stings?
    Wishing you a swift recovery!!!!!
    As for WP, yep, but you’ll get used to it soon! 😉

  3. Well that’s one very cooling photo on this very hot day! Happy retirement! I still use the classic editor so I can ignore WP’s shenanigans for now.

  4. I too still use the classic, thank goodness it is still an option. They certainly made it hard to find☹️. But now you are retired you will, maybe, have time to search for it. Enjoy your freedom Gilly

  5. Yay on retirement but yikes on bites. I react too, sometimes really really badly – so far this year though I have managed to hide from all the critters!

  6. I feel for you and the fact that insect decided to make a meal. I am allergic to bites from anything and have had some bad ones in my life…though not life threatening…that simply make me want to avoid them. But can you? Probably not. That said, I love to work in the garden so am always taking my chances there. It’s when they sneak attack you inside your home that’s a bit…should I say ‘irritating’? Hope the bites get better and I’m sure you will figure out WordPress. I finally complained to them so much, one of their ‘helpers’ gave me a link to go directly to the old way of posting. Cannot, for the life of me, figure out those boxes. But I have to always go to the link…which I’ve saved…before I can post. Better that than the frustration of boxes. Do take good care.

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