#MarchSquare 31

When Becky began her March Square challenge I wasn’t sure I’d manage to post every day, so I started a folder on my desktop and saved quite a few photos there. These are some of the leftovers, all taken in Turkey.If you click an image you can see a bigger view.

And my very last photo, one I know that my antipodean friend will love.

Beck, a great big thank you hug, so many people have enjoyed this challenge!


#March Square 30

Despite the fact that I returned from a dog walk cold to my bones, there is evidence a plenty that it’s spring. I found this pretty square in King George V park this morning and it cheered me up.

My penultimate offering for Becky’s March challenge.


#March Square 28

Today’s photo is from Turkey again, found at a caravanserai. on the road between Konya and Aksaray. When  I first heard the word caravanserai, it was the name of an album by Santana and I had no idea what it meant!

Just three days of Becky’s square challenge left after today, I’m looking at the world through square eyes so I think I’ll use the format a lot in future.

#MarchSquare 24

I’ve just spent a lazy hour browsing my photos from past travels and I’ve found lots of potential squares in Turkey for Becky’s March challenge. You may be fed up with me by month end!

This photo was taken in Istanbul on my last day, I was shattered by then, my head exploding with images from travelling 1500 miles in that incredible country.

Here I am looking a bit dazed in the Grand Bazaar, not lost, there wasn’t enough time unfortunately. Becky, if not perfect circles, there are some rounded shapes for you. She has a soft sepia eye today.