#March Square 21

Amber PalaceLast night I watched treasures of the Indus and was inspired to look for an image of India for my March Square. This is a ceiling in the Amber palace, Jaipur.

I often say this of India, I wish I could go back with a better camera and slightly improved skills.

Twelve days left to join Becky’s square challenge!


#March Square 20

I’m always pleased to catch a bike photo, this one was taken in town on Friday after the rain. I love the little basket of artificial flowers bringing a touch of sunshine.

So some circles for Becky, triangles too inside the square. There’s still time to join in, she has thrown a few dice here.

#March Square 4

Having been hidden behind plastic and scaffolding or ages the restoration of Matthew the Miller is complete! this wonderful clock from the 1620’s looks bright and sparkly again.

I’m sorry the dial doesn’t look as square as it actually is, or as bright, but zooming on an i phone is a bit hopeless. tomorrow I’ll show you the tower so you can get an idea of how it looks.

day 4 of Becky’s March Square challenge and I’m addicted to square photos now!