Jagged and pointy

Just three days left for Becky’s Square March and I haven’t made it many times at all. I have another image from Barcelona today, it’s both pointed and jagged.

A view of the roof at Sagrada Familia. Join Becky here, she’s sky watching!


Pointy Art

My hope for today is to relax and catch up with some blogging, as I’ve had a busy week. Does anyone else feel like life in general is getting busier? I’ve toyed with the idea recently of giving up blogging, but I would miss so many people in this magical world. I could try posting twice a week, perhaps that’s the answer.

But then there are so many challenges that are hard to resist, like Becky’s March Squares! There’s lots of pointy sculpture in Barcelona, the one above is at the Park Joan Miro.



In the shade of the prickles

Gunnera Manicata are one of those plants that became trendy in gardens open to the public a couple of decades ago. A plant big enough to stand under that makes a bold statement beside water, it needs a lot of space. In fact it may need far more space than we’re prepared to give it. A similar variety, G, tinctoria appears to be the worse culprit, but both manicata could also be invasive. Last summer I saw a gunnera, which looks like a giant rhubarb, in the mill leat close to the Exe.

This photo was taken at a National Trust garden a few years ago. I could easily stand under the leaves, but had to be careful of the prickles. Becky’s spikes are unusual today, check them out here.

A Prickly Sunday smile

Goose grass, cleavers, or Galium Aparine can be found all over Europe. My childhood favourite name for it was sticky buds. Hands up who’s crept up behind some unsuspecting soul and thrown it onto their back, or worse, realised someone’s done it to you and you’ve been walking around with it for hours.

Last weekend I was playing with my biggest grand daughter on Tree Island when she decided to crown me  with a mound of cleavers and a feather.

This may seem like a stretch for a spiny, pointy, spiky square, but up close they have millions of tiny prickles!

Becky has mega thorns today, not the kind to brush against, a bit like me when I’m tired 🙂