#March Square 20

I’m always pleased to catch a bike photo, this one was taken in town on Friday after the rain. I love the little basket of artificial flowers bringing a touch of sunshine.

So some circles for Becky, triangles too inside the square. There’s still time to join in, she has thrown a few dice here.


Traces of the past

Next to mine own Shippe
I do love most
that old Shippe
in Exon a tavern
in St Martins lane

These are the words of Sir Francis Drake, a sea captain and slave trader, he carried out the second circumnavigation of the world in 1577 – 1580. In 1588 he helped defeat the Spanish Armada, but only after he’d finished his game of bowls on Plymouth Hoe. His home in Devon, Buckland Abbey is owned by the National Trust.

The Ship Inn pub is now sadly part of a chain but it still retains it’s character, who knows maybe Sir Francis still visits. This post is for Paula’s Thursday Special, Traces of the past, she has a beautiful photo of lake Bled this week.

#MarchSquare 19

Flora and George are uncertain how they feel about snow. So if in doubt, just bark at it!

There’s still time to join B with March squares with squares or circles!


#MarchSquare 16

I had the chance to pop into town today, so armed with phone i kept my squares eyes for any images that you might like. I’ve tried to photograph this mosaic before, but in the evening in poor light. Today it worked okay.


Isn’t it pretty? Do you have square eyes this month to join in with Becky? She likes circles inside squares too, if you look hard enough there are some here!


#March Square 13

Just when you thought I couldn’t get any dafter,

Here I am squaring the circle again and I’m in the pink!

Day 13 for Becky’s challenge, #March Square who had a rather odd creature the other day


#MarchSquare 9

My beautiful earth mama lives outside on the wall. She needs a tidy up because she’s had some web building visitors, and her light dusting of gold paint has worn away.

She was made by Tati Dennehy, a Dartmoor based sculptor and ceramic artist, I’m sharing her for Becky’s #March Square.



Wordless Wednesday


#MarchSquare day 6

I came across Troika pottery back in the mid 70’s, but it was being produced from 1962 to 1983 in Cornwall. It was the beginning of my passion for ceramics, but I couldn’t really afford to buy it, a shame because it would have been a good investment!

Here’s one of the pieces I do have, a marmalade jar.

Squares in a square for Becky’s March challenge.


Traces of the past

For what seems like forever there’s been scaffolding around the tower of St Mary Steps church in Exeter, and it’s finally been removed to reveal the restored clock. The church is 12th century and sited near where there was once the old West Gate to the city.You may have seen the photo of the clock yesterday, but todays post is for Paula who is sharing the very grand Rosslyn chapel in Scotland for her Black and White Sunday Challenge.


#March Square 4

Having been hidden behind plastic and scaffolding or ages the restoration of Matthew the Miller is complete! this wonderful clock from the 1620’s looks bright and sparkly again.

I’m sorry the dial doesn’t look as square as it actually is, or as bright, but zooming on an i phone is a bit hopeless. tomorrow I’ll show you the tower so you can get an idea of how it looks.

day 4 of Becky’s March Square challenge and I’m addicted to square photos now!