January Small Stone# Thirty One

My small stones haven’t been as mindful as last year, mainly because I haven’t had enough time to write poetry, because of writing for assignments. That isn’t to say that I take poetry very seriously, I enjoy writing poems now, but I’m still too lazy/busy to learn how to do it. So I’ve used photos quite a few times and little anecdotes about the days happenings. I’ve also whinged about the weather and felt sorry for myself a few times. I’ve shown you Exeter, copper beech and talked about asthma. I’ve shared a sort of recipe for soup, which has since been tried by Sharon from A Number of Things, reminded you that Pride and Prejudice has been around for 200 years and shown you a fingernail moon.
My most popular stone has been number thirteen, a gallery of about twelve photos where a flock of geese circle and then land, and I must admit I quite like it myself.
I’ve enjoyed adding stones to the river, but most of all I’ve enjoyed reading and seeing YOUR stones, thanks for sharing! I hope next year that a few more of you my friends join in, because even though my writing hasn’t been particularly mindful, I have been more mindful during January, and that has to be good.
Thank so much for being around, commenting and liking, and generally helping me through what is the toughest month for a tropical gypsy living on latitude 50.718412 N.



January Small Stone# Thirty

I’ve just watched a local TV program, a mix of magazine and news. One of tonights offerings was the story of a young man, just seventeen who had a major stroke. He now has ‘locked in’ syndrome, and his parents had been told that he would never be able to communicate – he proved them wrong. He is in a wheelchair and unable to speak, but now uses his eye movements to control a computer, that then types and speaks his words. So to help other stroke victims he is writing a book.
How dare I complain that I’ve lost my mojo.

January Small Stone# Twenty Nine

My friend is leavng the Trust today so we won’t get our weekly lunchtime chats, I’ll really miss her 😦 this is the photo I used to make her a good luck card.Kaz

She’s been a ray of sunshine that helped me through the week, especially when I was stressed because I had to apply for my job. She’s moving to a great new pastures and I’m sure she will love it and they will wonder how they managed before!

January Small Stone# Twenty Eight

My Mojo packed its bags in November and hasn’t been seen since. No-one knows where it went, why it went or what it got up to when it was away. I was quite worried about it at first and considered filing a missing Mojo report. But then I got angry instead. I yelled, I sulked, I told it I didn’t care if it never came back, because I had no plans to use it anyway. Then something strange happened – like in all the best stories – just when I came close to giving up, it showed up, acting as if nothing had even happened.

Today I wrote the first draft, nearly three thousand words, of a short story that will be my next assignment for my creative writing course. And breath.

January Small Stone# Twenty Five

Two hundred years ago on Monday, one of my all time favourite novels was first published. Over the course of the day the whole novel will be read in Bath by a group of fans, experts and writers. They are hoping to find an internationally famous actress to read the first chapter – no doubt in period costume and the event, lasting twelve hours, will be broadcast on the internet! Isn’t that wonderful? I so wish I could be there.

If you didn’t already know, have you guessed yet?

It’s Miss Austen of course, Pride and Prejudice was published on January 28th 1813! I hope to catch some of the broadcast even though Emma is my real favourite. Lots of you probably think I’m crazy, but I can’t be the only one with bosom heaving at the thought of Mr D emerging from the lake? Can I? Come on ‘fess up.

January Small Stones# Twenty One

Accept the person, reject the behaviour, how many times have I told myself that? I think one of my lessons in this life is to learn how to deal with selfish people. People who don’t understand the concept of conversation, the taking of turns. You know how you bump into someone who you know, and you’re quite pleased to see them, so you ask how they are? You listen for ten minutes, realise you’re late for something and say goodbye. Then you realise that whoever it is hasn’t asked a single thing about you.
Or the ones who get in touch when they have troubles, knowing you’re a good listener. You go round, let them cry on your shoulder, until they feel better, but you’re totally drained. Then don’t hear from them for months.
Do we all have these people in our lives? Or is it just me? Perhaps it’s my role.

January Small Stone# Twenty

I’ve been ranting today. For the first time ever I wrote to the local newspaper. I’m not a write to the paper type and in fact it isn’t a letter. Since the newspaper became weekly instead of daily, it’s main focus has shifted to the website, where there is the opportunity to submit an article. I doubted that they would publish it. I don’tknow their criteria but lo and behold they did – complete with typos. In fact it’s visible twice because I thought it had disappeared and so I posted it a second time, with most mistakes corrected. One lingers though, the very first word!http://www.thisisexeter.co.uk/City-s-Shame/story-17911321-detail/story.html