January Small Stone# Twenty

I’ve been ranting today. For the first time ever I wrote to the local newspaper. I’m not a write to the paper type and in fact it isn’t a letter. Since the newspaper became weekly instead of daily, it’s main focus has shifted to the website, where there is the opportunity to submit an article. I doubted that they would publish it. I don’tknow their criteria but lo and behold they did – complete with typos. In fact it’s visible twice because I thought it had disappeared and so I posted it a second time, with most mistakes corrected. One lingers though, the very first word!http://www.thisisexeter.co.uk/City-s-Shame/story-17911321-detail/story.html


16 thoughts on “January Small Stone# Twenty

  1. hello again today!
    I went to the paper’s website to see your letter and liked it so much I used their “share on twitter” button. What you’ve said about litter and lack of respect is a universal problem, and it’s getting worse by the day! I hope your other followers share it across social media platforms, too!

  2. good for you speaking out gilly … hope there is an outcry about it! you wrote so well of the beauties of Exeter, the civic authorities are bound to take notice .. well done!!

  3. Great article. Congratulations. We do need to make people aware of what harm man is doing to its environment. As for people who trash their cities, it only reflects what they are from within which in is truly sad. May more eyes will see and more hearts that will care.

  4. Gilly, good for you speaking your mind! Litter is so unnecessary, and I believe the people who do have no self respect. Funny how most times you never seem to catch them in the act. Litter can demoralize an area quicker than most things you can think of. Shame on them!

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