January Small Stone# Twenty Eight

My Mojo packed its bags in November and hasn’t been seen since. No-one knows where it went, why it went or what it got up to when it was away. I was quite worried about it at first and considered filing a missing Mojo report. But then I got angry instead. I yelled, I sulked, I told it I didn’t care if it never came back, because I had no plans to use it anyway. Then something strange happened – like in all the best stories – just when I came close to giving up, it showed up, acting as if nothing had even happened.

Today I wrote the first draft, nearly three thousand words, of a short story that will be my next assignment for my creative writing course. And breath.


100 Steps at the underpass

Myfanwy at http://chittlechattle.com/ began taking photos on a 100 step walk and several bloggers have followed her idea, it’s a great way of becoming aware of your surroundings. I’ve tried it from home and from work, and yesterday as I was at Rosemoor, where there is beauty in every direction, I decided to choose a particular starting point. Half way around the garden it changes its nature by going through an underpass on the A3124 to the original garden bequeathed by Lady Anne and bearing her name.

2013 Jan 27_2809_edited-1

I walked 50 steps in each direction from here and saw this cute bird, part of the sculpture exhibition

2013 Jan 27

Some well weathered and lichened stone

2013 Jan 27_2811

Plenty of greenery of course but I like this leaf

2013 Jan 27

A sculpture with an interesting texture

2013 Jan 27

A leaf with a shimmer, about fifty centimetres across

2013 Jan 27

These are my favourites, I love the way the shadow became blue and I have no idea why, but I used my phone camera to take these shots because I was dodging the rain.


Hope you like my steps Myfanwy!