Lazy Poets Thursday Poem 4


Flow of spring beside the tracks.

Bend of river’s shingle bank

occupied by Whooper’s elegant lounge.

Hip like curve sinks to moist valley

then rises to a belly mound hill.

Distant lace edged horizon

naked with late winter oaks

abundant in their twisting forms.

Dull copper bracken awaits

a few degrees swell to break green.

Neat fields sprinkled with new lambs

and a dark dusting of crows.

Sanctuary of Devon hedge banks

South West landscape I’m home.

South West landscape I’m home.


An English Country House Hotel

I went to Rosemoor on Friday and stopped somewhere new for refreshments along the way. Northcote Manor, built in 1716, is a luxury country hotel nestled in the Taw valley deep in north Devon, with stunning views at the top of a long private lane. It would be a lovely place to stay, they offer pamper weekends and award winning fine dining; I would love to spend a week there just relaxing but sadly it is way out of my reach!

My friend had coffee and I had hot chocolate, expecting a cup or mug I was amazed when a huge jug arrived, enough for four cups all for me, and freshly baked shortbread. Our stop off ending up being an hour and a half, it was so peaceful and the staff really welcoming. Most surprising of all was the price, a mere £7 for all that choccy, my friends cafetiere and biscuits for both of us. Needless to say it will be a regular stop.

I hope you like the photos, I only had a macro lens because I was snapping flowers at Rosemoor, but you get the feel. If you ‘re tempted to check it out

Lazy Poets Thursday Poem 3


shimmering birds your reckless

 flight to the high zone to soar

ever closer carefree in your naïveté

 you bathe in soothing warmth

until you reach the fry zone

where lustre of feather frazzles to gilt

your wings flap frantic

until they cease to exist

then no thermal can offer a cloud

to uplift or shelter from fiery heat

and like autumn leaves

so golden you fall


Poetics at D’Verse offer the theme of place this week so I’ve chosen a photo I took at Savitri hill in Pushkar, Rajasthan. It’s a place that evokes strong memories for me.


Savitri Hill

Savitri I was beaten

am I Gayatri?

briefly chosen by Brahma

did I displace you?

you sacrificed Yajna

to play games with Laksmi

Parvati and Indrani

you still sit in anger

staring east at your rival

separated by lake

by Pushkar the great

Holy pilgrimage

and the one to defeat me

weak mortal

Teapot Relief

I spotted my friend next door in her garden taking photos and went to investigate. She had a table full of teapots and gave me the go ahead to photograph them too! Apparently she has been knitting frantically to raise money for and hopes to sell these to her colleagues at work. She confessed that she has become rather obsessed with making them, and I understand why, aren’t they just little works of art? Some of the patterns come from Australia, but Katie has designed some herself and some of the wool is from Japan. I absolutely love them and hope they make lots of money on Red Nose Day.

Any ideas of the name for a collective of teapot covers? How about a coven of cosies? Further ideas welcome 🙂
As always click on any picture to view the gallery.

The Lazy Poets Thursday Poem 2

It’s Thursday again and I’m still lazy! For macro Monday this week I posted a photo that I edited. Among the comments I received, Christine at and Sandra at both said that the photo made them think of waves foaming on a beach. Thank you lovely friends, your comments inspired todays lazy poem. Here is a slightly bluer version of Monday’s photo.

2013 Jan 27_2822_edited-4

Waves of Foam

Foaming ocean laps the Jurassic shore

where molten lava once seared and pitted

into burnished pockets of chalk

that glow pale in the shallows

where volcanic flame no longer scorches

earth but in its place frozen fluid

 turned to stone in the countless millennia

before mankind’s dawn

then lapis and bronze lay down its mineral

to adorn sweet womankind’s questing hands

and feet that step through warm golden sand

above the azure sky reflects light

from the firmament holding the source

of celestial waters in balance