The Lazy Poets Thursday Poem 2

It’s Thursday again and I’m still lazy! For macro Monday this week I posted a photo that I edited. Among the comments I received, Christine at and Sandra at both said that the photo made them think of waves foaming on a beach. Thank you lovely friends, your comments inspired todays lazy poem. Here is a slightly bluer version of Monday’s photo.

2013 Jan 27_2822_edited-4

Waves of Foam

Foaming ocean laps the Jurassic shore

where molten lava once seared and pitted

into burnished pockets of chalk

that glow pale in the shallows

where volcanic flame no longer scorches

earth but in its place frozen fluid

 turned to stone in the countless millennia

before mankind’s dawn

then lapis and bronze lay down its mineral

to adorn sweet womankind’s questing hands

and feet that step through warm golden sand

above the azure sky reflects light

from the firmament holding the source

of celestial waters in balance