A brief encounter

Probably just a handful of you know how gregarious I am that person who talks to strangers on the train, in the supermarket queue or as yesterday in the street.

So walking Flora half a mile from home and heading for town, I slowed to discreetly see why an elderly lady and and a young man were standing in the middle of the road. Out came a phone in the hands of another young man, just as good looking as the first. Meanwhile, the lady straightened her sari and responded to my smile with one of her own.I stepped closer to hear her saying ’35 years’35 since I’ve been here’.

Now I had to rein in my list of questions,

Where have you been, what brought you here originally, are you moving back here?

Now her English wasn’t too strong, but it was the house where we stood, right on the corner at the top of the road, in Newtown, where the family had a shop, ‘right there, right there’!

I would have liked to sweep them home with me and chat for the day, but I could see that her sons were in a bit of a hurry, it was was day two of their trip, down from Manchester, a tedious motorway drive.

I learnt that they were Sikh and originally from India, her sons had barely any memory of Exeter, but they had a bit of a look around and liked it here.

I guess the photos are for the family history , and I would so like to have heard more. We parted with a mix of tears and smiles

Do YOU talk to strangers and can you get them to tell you their stories?


15 thoughts on “A brief encounter

  1. Yes, all the time. Maybe not so much since ‘you know what’ reared it’s ugly head. Don’t you find that some people still avert their eyes and scurry past? The mistrust that the virus has sewn has changed society, I think. Good to have you back, darlin. We could have the longest chat at the bus stop.

    1. Restlessjo, I have seen some people scurry past since the virus began. But I think it’s kind of mysterious, talking to people with masks on. ๐Ÿ˜ท I like looking at their eyes crinkle when they smile or their eyes widen in surprise. I still talk to people, just not as much but I think that I pay more attention to what they say because of the masks.

  2. I’m one of those people too Gilly. Love a good chat. And I think most people love talking about themselves. Lovely to see you popping into the reader. Hope all is well in your part of the world for you.

  3. Hi Gilky
    This was such a beautiful encounter
    And that social connecting you do says so much about your heart and openness for all people
    Also – 35 years is a while to have pass before going back – haunting

  4. I never used to talk to strangers but in my older years I now have but not as much as you might. That said, people are so very interesting and one can weave a story about something said in just a brief time. Yes, this woman has a story yet to be told. Take good care.

  5. Hope all is good with you Gilly, been a while since we saw you on here! Too busy enjoying your retirement? Hope you had a lovely Easter and are enjoying the spring sunshine. Jude xx

  6. So glad to see your like on my recent post, Lucid! To answer your question, I donโ€™t normally initiate a conversation with a stranger.

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