Well I didn’t think I’d be posting such a wintry square this far into March, but the view of the circle from my window made it a must.

I don’t think Becky has any snow today, she does have a moving memorial though.


Being Here Now

Oh, to be in England
Now that April’s there,
And whoever wakes in England
Sees, some morning, unaware,
That the lowest boughs and the brushwood sheaf
Round the elm-tree bole are in tiny leaf,
While the chaffinch sings on the orchard bough
In England – now!

Robert Browning

There’s still two weeks to go to April, and its’snowing heavily today. I’ve just got in from a dog walk, chilled and damp, so I’ll happily laze the afternoon away. I have two books and some crochet on the go, I made orange polenta cake yesterday and I could even try to finish the poem I began.

You all know I love to travel, to anywhere hot, but there’s something very wonderful about England in spring. This snow should be gone by tomorrow and I live in the loveliest place on our planet, have a look, click to see a slide show, maybe you’ll agree.

So I’m thinking about this year’s holidays, because I crave experiencing different cultures, but right now there’s nowhere I’d rather be, but right where I am.

#MarchSquare 17

Well it’s St Patricks day and my mother Pat’s 80th birthday. I’m sure she’ll see this eventually so have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY from G!

Apart from being green today’s square is nothing to do with St Patrick, but it does have a circle.

Becky’s looking upstairs to her circle today, but I don’t know where!



#MarchSquare 16

I had the chance to pop into town today, so armed with phone i kept my squares eyes for any images that you might like. I’ve tried to photograph this mosaic before, but in the evening in poor light. Today it worked okay.


Isn’t it pretty? Do you have square eyes this month to join in with Becky? She likes circles inside squares too, if you look hard enough there are some here!


#MarchSquare 15

We’re half way through March and Becky’s addictive square challenge and I hope she likes my number 15.

This round, curvy lady is in Santa Maria Assunta, Siena.

You can join Becky here, and see the bee’s knees.



#March Square14

Day 14 of Becky’s challenge, a square filled with squares or squaring circles(s) and isn’t it fun. Today I’m taking it  more seriously,

with a bunch of circles in the round.

Have you seen what Becky’s up to? There’s never too many tiles, especially if they look like this.


Wordless Wednesday no surprises


#March Square 13

Just when you thought I couldn’t get any dafter,

Here I am squaring the circle again and I’m in the pink!

Day 13 for Becky’s challenge, #March Square who had a rather odd creature the other day



I’m addicted to squares. I never use my Instagram account, but Becky’s challenge has got me. I’ve always had my eyes open for an image but now it has to be square. Today’s is from my archive though and I keep breaking the rules, with incomplete circles.

There’s still time for you to have a mad March, Becky has a barometer today


Telling a story

Jen asks that we tell a story with a photo, or a series, for this weeks photo challenge.

In my first photo, we arrive at what looks like a workplace, clearly hot, but what could be happening there?

Nothing hi tech, but definitely rather mucky.

But is it profitable, is it legal? I’ll leave you to decide.