Buckfast Abbey


I regularly drive past the sign for Buckfast Abbey, a place I hadn’t visited since I was a child fifty years ago. A return visit was long overdue.

abb1Benedictine monks first arrived there in the early 11th century, but the monastery was destroyed in 1539, during Henry V111th’s dissolution. In 1882 a group of French Benedictine monks settled there and a slow rebuild began.

This is what happened next.

abb10What an achievement.

abb2Impressive doors.

Once inside, initially I was distinctly underwhelmed, until I stopped comparing it to the Cathedral in Exeter. abb9The vaulting is different but interesting.

A beautiful screen.

And some pretty chapels.

Buckfast is a peaceful place, the part that filled me with joy was an amazing stained glass area, where photography was not allowed. I’d go back just to see that again. I did manage to buy a postcard of part of it, glass

But you will get a better idea here.

Now, once I went outside to the gardens, I really started to enjoy Buckfast. There’s a lavender garden, but it was past it’s best, as well as a sensory and a physic garden.

So this is Buckfast, a tranquil place to spend and hour or two. They have a restaurant and gift shop, as well as a conference centre. Visiting, and parking is free, so if you’re driving along the Devon Expressway why not call in?

I’m tempted to link to Jo’s Monday walk, because I didn’t sit down for a couple of hours even if i didn’t walk very far, and I don’t think she’ll tell me off!


Paula’s Black and White Sunday

Paula’s theme is composition for Black and White Sunday this week. We can choose to follow the conventional rules of photography, thirds, leading lines etc, or ignore them in our choice of image.
Mine is an i phone image, and because of the shape, I chose the square setting in camera, but converted it to black and white later. I was attracted to the wrought iron fence because of the bracelet hanging from it. Someone’s lost treasure, of monetary value, but I wonder about the story.
Maybe it was found later.
You can join Paula here.

Vintage Ashburton

So just now I was talking about Ashburton and it’s abundance of vintage shops, and it seemed rude not to show you.

And there were more!

Ashburton centre really only has two streets, but they are full of charm, here are some views.

So who’s a fan of vintage? if you are then you’d be in heaven in Ashburton. I’m not, it’s too twee for my taste. Having said that, I wouldn’t say no to an old typewriter or some cameras!

A Rare Sight

Ashburton is a pretty little town in south Devon, it lies to the south east of Dartmoor National Park and is a former Stannary town. As well as it’s fair share of traditional shops, including an ironmonger, it has a lot of vintage and antique shops, expensive but intriguing.
I had a wander earlier in the week and found this wedding dress hanging in a charity shop. As soon as i saw this weeks challenge I knew this was my entry. It’s a pity I used my mobile, but you’ll get the idea.

My first thoughts were vintage late 1960’s, but an image search failed to confirm that, there wasn’t anything that risqué. Do you have any ideas? The lace doesn’t seem modern to me.

So this is my rare entry, do you have one to share?

Dinosaurs and sand between your toes

If you’re three years old and the beaches near home are grotty shingle, when you feel sand between your toes for the first time, it can be quite overwhelming, you have to pause and take it all in.

fun2Especially if you’ve just met a life sized dinosaur and been on a train for the first time ever.


But when you’re one and a half, it’s still a bit mesmerising, but if daddy’s there to throw you up to the sky,

then everything is really good fun!

Black and White Sunday, Favourite

Paula at Lost in Translation says, ‘This week I want you to post a photo of your “favourite”. Be it a place, a thing, a person, a pastime or your holiday. Your favourite anything. Maybe the favourite shot you have taken and still haven’t published. The only requirement for this “favourite” is to make it black and white.’


This is Michael, my favourite uncle and I saw him recently for the first time in ages.