100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week# 75

Julia gave us this image of the Grand Canyon for the prompt this week and I’m very late! But anyway this  is my 103 words. image011

On Time

So this is it. February 4th 2013 and I’m early, ever cautious. I was worried that you’d wait just a few minutes and then give up.

I have to get off this platform, it’s making me feel sick, or perhaps it’s just butterflies. Yes that’s it. Why did I come? Maybe you won’t. Crazy idea, you probably forgot straight away. Ten years ago, my birthday.

I should have told you.

About Macey.

I see you, now’s your chance to turn right around.

Bella you look wonderful. And this pretty lady?

You look about nine years old.

You smile at yourself in Macey’s eyes.


Oops I see that the new prompt has arrived!