Teapot Relief

I spotted my friend next door in her garden taking photos and went to investigate. She had a table full of teapots and gave me the go ahead to photograph them too! Apparently she has been knitting frantically to raise money for http://www.comicrelief.com/ and hopes to sell these to her colleagues at work. She confessed that she has become rather obsessed with making them, and I understand why, aren’t they just little works of art? Some of the patterns come from Australia, but Katie has designed some herself and some of the wool is from Japan. I absolutely love them and hope they make lots of money on Red Nose Day.

Any ideas of the name for a collective of teapot covers? How about a coven of cosies? Further ideas welcome 🙂
As always click on any picture to view the gallery.

30 thoughts on “Teapot Relief

  1. these are so pretty, like a garden of flowers … and comical themselves! what a talented neighbour you have gilly … the plain magenta one is certainly unique 🙂 a cozen of cosies is an unbeatable suggestion too, ha ha!

  2. I’ve got two cozies, one crocheted to-measure by a friend and the other from Russia, not very practical but in a pinch one could wear it at a masquerade party as an Orthodox bishop!
    But never seen ANYTHING like these they’re amazing!

  3. I’ve never seen so many varieties of tea cozies before. Awesomely imaginative and I see the Alice influence. Adorable. Eons ago when I knew how to knit I used to make cozies covered in loops. They were nice but this collection is delish.

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