Six Word Saturday

Silver Cross’ve come a long way.


September Pink Square day 8

I spent a lovely afternoon at Poltimore house, a few miles outside Exeter. More about the very damaged and decaying house later, for today there was a event about all things yarn related, Ruth you would have loved it. I spotted a pink opportunity with this little fairy.

Isn’t she sweet? And in the pink, just like Becky is here!


Creating something useful

I’ve needed something to keep myself busy recently, to take my mind off things. I think I showed you the beginning of this project, back in March.

It’s the handles of a tote bag. I put it to one side, did a bit of crochet instead.

Then sewed the body of the bag.

This weekend I plucked up the courage to rivet the handles to the bag – scary as I’ve never done it before and they had to be in exactly the right position.

Not bad for me, I’m not keen on measuring, I’d rather do things by eye.

I added some pretty danglies.

Because it’s a simple sack, I decided to make this to put bits and bobs in today.

So here it is, my first attempt at a leather bag. I could never have done this without my friend Lindy’s help, she is a really good leather worker, I’m just a dabbler, especially where tools are involved.

Thanks Lindy!