Kimonos on tour

At various stitching, hobby and craft shows around the country, I saw them at Westpoint, Exeter in September.

The last two are my favourites, I could have happily taken then home. I’ve worn a sari and a salwar kameez, but never a kimono, have you? Click for a better view.


15 thoughts on “Kimonos on tour

      1. 6 pm! So my lovely day has been had. A visit to Centrelink. Preparations for a colonoscopy. A depressing document about the health of the ocean. Oh, and posting the birthday parcel to Warsaw! Lovely, in the sense of productive . Right now I’m tempted by a local council meeting where they’re discussing applying for UNESCO geopark status for the area. A glass of white instead: I’ll read the minutes. And the joy of my eldest daughter who has just got a job she had her heart set on – enough to doll up for interview. Now you. You still have the chance of a lovely day. May you have it!

  1. These are stunning . . I’d feel so elegant if I wore one of these although I suspect after a while I’d be struggling with the sleeves! I like your 3rd and 4th the most.

  2. How fabulous are these? 🙂 🙂 And right up Lisa’s street, Gilly. She’s still in bed or I’d show her. She uses old kimonos to make frocks with sometimes. I have a plain black kimono jacket with a highly decorated back she gave me but it rarely gets worn. 😦

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