An English Country House Hotel

I went to Rosemoor on Friday and stopped somewhere new for refreshments along the way. Northcote Manor, built in 1716, is a luxury country hotel nestled in the Taw valley deep in north Devon, with stunning views at the top of a long private lane. It would be a lovely place to stay, they offer pamper weekends and award winning fine dining; I would love to spend a week there just relaxing but sadly it is way out of my reach!

My friend had coffee and I had hot chocolate, expecting a cup or mug I was amazed when a huge jug arrived, enough for four cups all for me, and freshly baked shortbread. Our stop off ending up being an hour and a half, it was so peaceful and the staff really welcoming. Most surprising of all was the price, a mere £7 for all that choccy, my friends cafetiere and biscuits for both of us. Needless to say it will be a regular stop.

I hope you like the photos, I only had a macro lens because I was snapping flowers at Rosemoor, but you get the feel. If you ‘re tempted to check it out

14 thoughts on “An English Country House Hotel

  1. Such a lovely place, Gilly. I would love to curl up with a book on that pretty sofa near the fire stove. I looks like the perfect place to re-energize. I would probably find it hard to leave. The gazebo … so romantic. Well … as you can see i love it.

  2. What a pleasant interlude, my thoughts were with the old time fill-ins on early TV. The ones with knitting, the kitten and the ball of wool and the potters wheel. Lovely darling!

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