Lazy Poets Thursday Poem 3


shimmering birds your reckless

 flight to the high zone to soar

ever closer carefree in your naïveté

 you bathe in soothing warmth

until you reach the fry zone

where lustre of feather frazzles to gilt

your wings flap frantic

until they cease to exist

then no thermal can offer a cloud

to uplift or shelter from fiery heat

and like autumn leaves

so golden you fall

12 thoughts on “Lazy Poets Thursday Poem 3

  1. Makes me think of Icarus – I love the way you have “high zone” and “fry zone” echo back and forth. It’s not a happy poem, really, but there are so many beautiful images in it from the shimmering birds to the golden leaves. The photo complements the poem perfectly, too 🙂

  2. I had to read it again. Somehow there is part of that poem in some of my walks in this lifetime. Beautiful. Have a great weekend my friend.

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