January Small Stone# Twenty Eight

My Mojo packed its bags in November and hasn’t been seen since. No-one knows where it went, why it went or what it got up to when it was away. I was quite worried about it at first and considered filing a missing Mojo report. But then I got angry instead. I yelled, I sulked, I told it I didn’t care if it never came back, because I had no plans to use it anyway. Then something strange happened – like in all the best stories – just when I came close to giving up, it showed up, acting as if nothing had even happened.

Today I wrote the first draft, nearly three thousand words, of a short story that will be my next assignment for my creative writing course. And breath.


16 thoughts on “January Small Stone# Twenty Eight

  1. Gilly, I think your Mojo was on vacation with mine. Great that it finally decided to come home, well rested and ready to roll out that first draft! Mine’s back too but hasn’t settled into the writing routine just yet, other than little ‘fits and starts’.

  2. mine is still on holiday … although my health is way better than it was last year after the toxic tick bite i am still enjoying the cruisey feeling of ‘nothing i have to do’ …. i expect my mojo to return sometime before we go travelling tho! So glad yours is home and well Gilly 🙂

  3. When a mojo goes there isn’t much you can do – except do something else. If you search for it it’s always one step ahead. Glad you sneaked up on it.

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