January Small Stone# Six

Red vested love bird

 tweets declaring territory

scatters flyers its size twenty times

widgeon’s scarved with orange rise,

 with wings a choir of sopranos

and a solo plover wades haughtily by

January mist over Riversmeet

tide covers a murking of mud

fading web prints rushing away

taken by sizzling foam

twitchers with tripoded lenses

gaggle off to identify geese

arriving as guests of the Clyst.


CBBH Photo Challenge: Reflection

Marianne at East of Malaga says ‘It’s that time of year when many of us reflect over the past year and begin to look forward to whatever the coming year will bring’ and challenges us to post our reflection images for the CBBH Blog Hop

We also get to highlight two blogs that we have visited and enjoyed, so that others can hop over too.

My first is Celestine whose blog, Reading Pleasure has a wealth of poetry and Haiku. She writes prolifically of romance and passion. A real treat.

Next is Marina a very talented artist. Her work is vibrant, I’ve never seen such bright watercolours. Check out her Christmas trees, Dreamscapes, and Marwax, the most beautiful candles.