January Small Stone# Thirty One

My small stones haven’t been as mindful as last year, mainly because I haven’t had enough time to write poetry, because of writing for assignments. That isn’t to say that I take poetry very seriously, I enjoy writing poems now, but I’m still too lazy/busy to learn how to do it. So I’ve used photos quite a few times and little anecdotes about the days happenings. I’ve also whinged about the weather and felt sorry for myself a few times. I’ve shown you Exeter, copper beech and talked about asthma. I’ve shared a sort of recipe for soup, which has since been tried by Sharon from A Number of Things, reminded you that Pride and Prejudice has been around for 200 years and shown you a fingernail moon.
My most popular stone has been number thirteen, a gallery of about twelve photos where a flock of geese circle and then land, and I must admit I quite like it myself.
I’ve enjoyed adding stones to the river, but most of all I’ve enjoyed reading and seeing YOUR stones, thanks for sharing! I hope next year that a few more of you my friends join in, because even though my writing hasn’t been particularly mindful, I have been more mindful during January, and that has to be good.
Thank so much for being around, commenting and liking, and generally helping me through what is the toughest month for a tropical gypsy living on latitude 50.718412 N.



11 thoughts on “January Small Stone# Thirty One

  1. Gilly, at least you stuck with the project! Counting today, I think I put up about half a dozen stones, and at least two of them were complaints. Yours were nicely varied and creative, I thought.

  2. congratulations Gillly! i remember working on the leap year project last year. always fun to have a project and see it through. i have missed quite a few of yours, so will have to come back and check out some of them. but i do remember the flying geese post. that was very enjoyable indeed.
    thanks for sharing. šŸ™‚

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your stones. Thank you for sharing everything. Interestingly, February is worse for me than January, so I decided to cheer myself up a little by carrying on for another month. I’m calling them ‘capture the moment’, nothing too serious, though ….. just because.

    Thank you for introducing me to the concept.

  4. It is very nice following your January stone. It did help us see you as a strong force as being writer more so than anything else. Thanks for the reads.

  5. I had no idea you were writing the small stones too. I did mine on my Blogger blog and while I loved it, it was difficult to connect with others doing it… sadly… šŸ˜‰

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