Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

Lunchtime on a weekday is about eating quickly at my desk and then going out for some fresh air to help keep myself awake for the afternoon. I always have my phone camera with me and keep my eyes open, these photos were taken at various times of the year. Sometimes I walk to the main building, the hospital, where there are often health related displays like the robotic surgery equipment I showed you recently. Below is a walk through, blow up model of the lungs to raise awareness of lung disease a couple of months ago. There are very old trees, and wide grassy areas around the campus and also a childrens park nearby as well as a lovely garden in the cancer support centre. If the weather is just too inclement I’ve been known to walk the very long corridors of the hospital to check out the constantly changing artwork on the walls, check out the shops or sit in one of several cafes. Not bad for a lunch break is it?

What does lunchtime mean to you? share at http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/03/15/photo-challenge-lunchtime/


January Small Stone# Twenty Nine

My friend is leavng the Trust today so we won’t get our weekly lunchtime chats, I’ll really miss her 😦 this is the photo I used to make her a good luck card.Kaz

She’s been a ray of sunshine that helped me through the week, especially when I was stressed because I had to apply for my job. She’s moving to a great new pastures and I’m sure she will love it and they will wonder how they managed before!

The Sunday Post: Work

Jakes theme this week is work and once again he has created a clever animation here http://jakesprinters.wordpress.com/

Here are my work photos.

Rug making in Anatolia, a woman’s work.

Palm oil production in Ghana, the whole family share the work, even very small children.

Building repairs that seem to be shared work.

Rug uh – guarding? a man’s work!

My Hobbit is Suffering

For the last few days the hobbit has been arriving at the office looking increasingly wonky. Have you ever seen an ancient black and white movie starring Boris Karloff as the mummy? Well that’s how the hobbit was walking. Being a hobbit and inhabiting an entirely wrong world where no-one was free to cast a healing spell, he has been suffering, noisily. And enjoying the sympathetic attention of the pretty audit ladies, who were visiting the department. How has he acquired this painful condition? Well it could be, that not only does he spend his working days in front of a PC, but also because he has a portfolio of shares to manage, he hunches over his home PC until his head crashing onto the key board wakes him up. His eyes are as red as the mummy’s might have been, if the film above had been colour.

I don’t believe this is the real cause though, because on Friday I witnessed something strange. Hobbit cleaned his desk for the first time ever.

I don’t know if you remember that I told you about his car? How it’s interior looks and smells like it’s been dredged up from somewhere very unpleasant? Well, this leads me to believe that it’s the first time he has ever cleaned anything. It may have caused this irreparable damage to his neck and shoulder.

Hobbit has been asking the women to massage his pain away and one kind lady did help, not me of course! I sent him scuttling off to buy some anti inflammatory. Of course he couldn’t reach the site of the pain and asked for help to apply it. In an office with sixteen people, you can imagine the response.

Today he muttered about getting some professional help in the form of a chiropractor, but then talked himself back out of it because of the cost – all his money is tied up in shares. I remembered that our noble employer offers a free physio service and helped him to find the number. He stalled. ‘Go on call them, the sooner you do the sooner you’ll get sorted.’ ‘Not with everyone listening, I’ll do it later.’ I think he’s scared it might hurt. Or that it might be a dragon of a physio. Or that it might be a very attractive physio. He won’t go, he is happy in his suffering.

So why was he cleaning his desk? He has moved and someone new is sitting beside me. Hobbit is  8 feet behind me and I miss him and his Hobbity ways, and his socks.