Street Pianos

They seem to be popping up everywhere, with the invitation to ‘please play me’. If only I could play I’d be sitting there, because this one is just about half a mile from home. I’ve always envied people who can play an instrument or sing, I have the flattest voice and can’t hold a note!

I woke up the other morning concerned about this particular piano, because it’s been out in a very heavy four hour rain storm. What happens if a piano gets wet? Will it be ruined?

Most of the ones I’ve seen have been sheltered in stations and shopping centres, but this one is outside a charity shop on a main road.

Are there street pianos near you, or have you seen them around?


15 thoughts on “Street Pianos

  1. What a wicked shame to leave that outdoors! No, I don’t play either, but Mick used to play a little because his Mum had a piano. He stopped practising and after she died and the bungalow was sold there was no opportunity. I don’t know why he didn’t keep the piano. 😦 😦

  2. Yes I have seen them around on my travels a Gilly but I’m blowed if I can remember where (old age memory…) there will be a photo somewhere in the archives. In fact I remember one of them all decorated and being played, I think it was in NZ somewhere…. 🤔

  3. Yes, there is one in Bratislave left out for students to practice on (or anyone else for that matter, I presume). Someone was playing it as we walked through the square one day but I didn’t have time to stop as I was hurrying to get someplace. Somehwere I’ve got a picture of the piano, I’ll dig it out and post it one of these days.

  4. Only in videos on the internet, never in person but I love the idea of them. The Hospital Lobby has a player piano playing softly. But no
    invitation to a human to join in.

  5. I’d think this would definitely be ruined in the rain. Isn’t it sad to love something yet have no talent for it? I have little musical ability either, but I do love to sing anyway. And I would love to be able to draw and paint but sadly have no talent there either!

  6. What a beautiful scene. Let’s hope they take good care of it though. That piano in the street just brings such an informal touch to music that I love

  7. My mother made me have piano lessons when I was little (6 yrs), she had a piano like this one. I hated it. I had to go to a neighbour for lessons and remember a bald old man who had a Dachshund and spending hours playing chords. I don’t think I ever played any actual songs. I can’t play any musical instrument but I was in the school choir. When we moved to an open plan house the piano didn’t come with us, thank goodness!

    And yes, rain won’t do it any good, let’s hope Devon Pop-up Pianos took c are of it!

  8. I can’t play an instrument or sing either. Saw one in a station in Brussels recently, never outside exposed to the elements like this.

  9. They turn during Hat fair here in Winchester, but otherwise I’ve only ever seen them in railway stations and airports. Amazing to think you have a year round one – rain can’t be good.

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