Lost in details

At first I thought that Paula had come up with a difficult challenge this week, but then I remembered how relaxed she is about how we interpret things. So, this is my entry  for Lost in Details. She has a striking, bright image of . . . well you guess!

I think there are a few details to get lost in here, what do you think? Perhaps you’ll join in this week.


Street Pianos

They seem to be popping up everywhere, with the invitation to ‘please play me’. If only I could play I’d be sitting there, because this one is just about half a mile from home. I’ve always envied people who can play an instrument or sing, I have the flattest voice and can’t hold a note!

I woke up the other morning concerned about this particular piano, because it’s been out in a very heavy four hour rain storm. What happens if a piano gets wet? Will it be ruined?

Most of the ones I’ve seen have been sheltered in stations and shopping centres, but this one is outside a charity shop on a main road.

Are there street pianos near you, or have you seen them around?