Six Saturday photos, Topsham in autumn

I hope you’re well lovely friends. These are some of the photos I took on a stroll by the river today.


21 thoughts on “Six Saturday photos, Topsham in autumn

      1. My Sister in law lives in North Devon, it has beautiful surfing beaches, but it’s a bit out on a limb. Like many other places the transport infrastructure hasn’t really kept up with the housebuilding so traffic, especially to those beaches can be a nightmare!

    1. Hello dear Sylvia, I hope you’re okay in these difficult times. The chairs are in a private patch of garden across the road from the owners house which I always think is a little strange!

    1. I will, they seem to have calmed down a bit now, but some of the behaviour was pretty bad at first.
      I had a nice trip out to the Garden House last month, Hill House Nursery and a new discovery near Tiverton!

      1. We were going to have a holiday near the Garden House last year, but my son came down for his second operation so we had to cancel, and of course no chance to visit this year. Hopefully next year!

  1. Thank you for the memories your pictures evoke. I lived in Lympstone for many years and miss being near tidal waters, the particular quality of the light and the feel of the air. Beautiful pictures.

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