Lockdown Town

At this time of year town should be vibrant and bustling with shoppers loaded with carrier bags and excited children in tow.

This is the walkway I usually take into the shops and it has a wide area where there’s usually something to see or music to listen to.

Not many people up High Street either.

Lets look downwards is my favourite bit. I like the mural and it’s another place for buskers, with seats to watch the world go by. Just off in the distance are several ancient timbered buildings and the guildhall. I only popped in to pick up a parcel from M&s., trousers that are too big so I’ll have to go again to take them back. Quite a few cafe’s were open , but not enough people for a buzz so home I went.

Even poor lonely Mr Reindeer looked grumpy, still waiting for his lights to go on.

How’ s your home town looking right now?

Stay safe and well lovely people.


10 thoughts on “Lockdown Town

  1. Well, it’s good to see that people are heeding the call to stay safe. It must be a very trying time for the store owners, but it won’t be for ever and by next year, all will be back to normal again. Dear Rudolph does look a bit forlorn with no-one to admire his splendid antlers. Great to see you, dear Gilly. xxx

  2. Fascinating how different towns are behaving. Ours is quieter but not as quiet as this, in fact in some areas around here you wouldn’t think there’s a lockdown. All very strange

  3. Thank you for sharing your photos but it is sad there are no people about. Today, here in Washington State in the US, the governor will announce another lock down but they can only do it for one month increments now so a bit better but small business owners that struggled to stay open may now have to close. The economy and our infrastructure suffers. The lock down is more to keep people from either leaving the State or people coming in but there is still planes coming and going but they will probably just keep the numbers of people down. It isn’t the same as it was initially but people are now weary and I look forward to it coming to an end…which I believe it will. Do take care.

  4. Unbelievably quiet, hon! I don’t know if Hartlepool is as empty as that but it might well be. I think it will be desperate for the shops if this carries on. I’m no shopper but I do like the High Street at Christmas. Our street lights are just going up and will probably be lit at the beginning of December. Good news, the trousers are too big. Slender you! 🤣 Take good care of yourself 💕💕

  5. It’ll be a sad old Christmas in many ways. But my inner Pollyanna keeps escaping: your photos are beautiful. (As an aside, I’ve been looking through the archives in about 10 cities, and even before covid I seemed to eradicate people. I was hard-pressed to find a collection of twos, which is what I was looking for. Unless you count twins! Oh twins!) Stay well my friend

  6. Hi. I hadn’t been seeing posts from you in my reader, but then I haven’t been keeping up with blogging very well this past few months. So I may have just missed them, but I’m going to “unfollow” and then click “follow” again because sometimes I lose people and have to refresh the system. Anyway, your photos are still as great as ever. Hope you are able to at least see some of your family for the holidays even though we’re trying to be conscious of social distancing, etc.

    By the way, did you make your text smaller on your site? I don’t remember it being this tiny. My screen is amplified up to 110%, but I had to get up close to it to read your text. I’m not complaining, but just letting you know in case something changed that you’re not aware of. It could just be my computer — or that I just don’t remember it being this small.

    Just in case I don’t do much blogging before the holiday, I’m wishing you a MERRY, HAPPY, HEALTHY & PEACEFUL CHRISTMAS in this comment. 🙂

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