A Bench beside the Beach

Jude’s fun and addictive challenge features benches at the beach this month. ‘You must be able to do it’ she said, ‘living as close to the coast as you do’! Well the weather is lousy so I’m not likely to go to the beach yet, maybe later in the month. Meanwhile I have found this photo taken at Exmouth – my nearest and dearest beach.

beach bench

Share your bench photos, do you have a favourite beach side resting place? Visit Jude to find out more.

16 thoughts on “A Bench beside the Beach

    1. I’d hoped by doing this it would cure my bench habit, but unfortunately I keep seeing others and thinking, “now that’s a good one for the XYZ theme”. I promise to find myself a project next year that does NOT include benches… 😀

  1. Yes I now see benches every where. They used to just be by products of my photos but they are now becoming stars in many photos due to Jude’s challenge

  2. “Addictive’ struck me immediately as well and I had to laugh. Gilly, with her ready camera, addicted to taking awesome pictures on her jaunts. This is a superb photo. Wow! ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Now why on earth isn’t there anyone sitting on that bench admiring the view? Lovely shot Gilly, and I’m sure you’ll find me a ‘fresh’ one before the end of the month 😀

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