I must open my eyes!

Do you ever realise that you’ve walked past something a thousand times and never noticed it? It happened to me recently, on Exmouth seafront. I was sitting at a bench eating fish and chips, as you know I will at any opportunity, and attached to the wall in front of me there were probably thirty pottery tiles. One of them had a date,

I’ve since found out that they were made at an event called ‘Clay in the Park’, part of the annual festival in the town. Here are a few more that I’ve put into collages.

Some look like they were made by children, no doubt they’re all grown up now. Aren’t their creations fab? I thought I was observant but apparently not!

39 thoughts on “I must open my eyes!

  1. They’re all so lovely. I especially love the ice cream cone, the little sailboat riding the waves, and the little white fish blowing bubbles. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. A teacher at school used to say ‘It’s easy to look – but harder to see’. Years later a tutor would suddenly fire questions like ‘how many windows in the top deck of a double-decker bus’. These tiles are lovely – well worth a second and third look, as it were. I’m still learning to ”see. Don’t think I’ll ever be as observant as I would like!

  3. Every time Exmouth is mentioned it brings back a memory of the men calling “… and you pay on the boooooaaaaat”!

  4. wonderful – and yes I think it happens to all of us, you walk past something and realize it must have been there forever but you never saw it – happens to me with ancient houses with wonderful statues on them – usually I am just looking straight ahead hurrying to my next appointment! thanks fro the reminder – oh and thx for stopping by my blog, much appreciated Poli

  5. Love the new theme and layout of your blog Gilly. Just beautiful! 😀

    Great post and photos as usual. Sometimes we look without seeing. Just as we would hear without listening. But I am glad you saw this and took shots so you can share it with us. It’s just gorgeous! The one with the hand/fingers is my favourite. Clearly talented kids that made this. A pity they don’t do it every year 😀

  6. It’s amazing what we see when we do. Honestly Gilly, I must open my eyes to my WP Blog friends again. I’ve been caught up in so much else that I’m often too exhausted to even approve comments… Cheers!

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