If you pootle around St Ives

These are some of the quaint narrow streets you might find .

Occasionally the odd car squeezes its way through the tangle of streets. Going uphill and down dale, I’d rather them than me. It’s rather amusing to watch a tourist, who’s hot-footed it around the M25,  and queued in one of the A30’s bottle necks of traffic. He’s arrived and then spends two hours driving in circles,in his too big vehicle, desperate to find his holiday cottage in what looks like a cobbled Victorian back lane. Never mind mate, there’s a pasty, a pint and a warm welcome awaiting you!


41 thoughts on “If you pootle around St Ives

  1. Such a lovely descriptive word, pootle 😀
    I think I may have several similar images to yours, no surprise there then! St Ives is full of holiday homes and cobbled streets. I certainly wouldn’t want to drive there. Best to take the train (as you did) or park in one of the car parks – the Rugby Club have parking for £5 a day and there is a shuttle bus to take you into town which is a good idea. St Ives version of Park ‘n’ Ride.

    1. I totally agree but its amazing how many cars there are. The train ride was the best but no if you’re staying I suppose. How long before you’re heading south again?

      1. Mmm.. sore point. Problems with the housing pursuit. BUT I am heading south next week, just not south-west. South-east to Surrey for 10 days to pet sit for my daughter. I am hoping for good weather as I have a list of gardens and walks!

    1. Mmm… now I ask myself, is this a typo, or predictive text being too clever, or is poodling around the same as pootling or perhaps one has to have a curly furry animal with one?

      (Just jossing Sue 😉 )

  2. Oh, those amazing blues! And that lovely iron bannister. Textures too. I love your account of the tourist, especially your ironically comforting words at the end.

    (What happened to the truffle post?)

      1. Like “morselsandscraps” I found that your Wordless Wednesday posting (yesterday) was mentioned in my Inbox but disappeared from your blog. I wonder if the announcement went out a day early?
        Loved reading and seeing how picturesque St Ives is seen through your camera.
        I’d love to pootle around there

  3. I think I recognise some of those! I would love to have stayed near the harbour, but am glad we chose somewhere a bit further out when we were in St Ives last year. I would have hated to take a car down there, though we have just had an experience elsewhere when the sat nav sent us down a narrow lane and the gung-ho driver (not me) followed. I shut my eyes and hoped we didn’t break down because we’d never have been able to open the doors to get out!

    1. Hah! I know this well – my dear Florence always likes to send me down the narrowest roads she can find. Looking for the Lost Garden of Heligan last year we missed a turn-off so headed across country, the lanes became narrower and narrower until we were touching both sides. At which point I said enough is enough, luckily found a field entrance to turn around in (about a 20 point turn) and headed back the way I came. I’d hate to have met anything coming the other way!

      1. I once actually did do that in Dorset. In the rain! I was on my way from a school in Woking and needed to be in a school the following morning so drove in the dark. Florence bless her took me the ‘shortest’ route and I couldn’t see a thing! I am so glad nothing came along in the opposite direction.

      1. We call ours Bossy Boots – we’ve chosen the more authoritative American accent over the slightly wishy-washy English one. She can be helpful (I am hopeless at finding my way about) but makes odd decisions sometimes!

  4. A new word for me today Gilly and I love it, so descriptive. I think I will pootle around with you. Those streets are certainly made for walking, but with those wicked cobblestones I’d better put on good walking shoes. And oh how very photogenic it all is…

    1. Thanks Pauline, St Ives is lovely especially before the main season hits with too many tourists. Some of the streets are quite steep, but very picturesque and then every so often a view opens up between some cottages and you get to see the sea 🙂

  5. I’d love to have a pootle with you, sweetheart! Isn’t it simply beautiful? I was only ever there once and very briefly, ‘when I was young’. 🙂
    Your crates didn’t disappear for me but I was a bit naughty and had fun with Sue. Happy Wednesday to you Gilly!

    1. I think a few of us need a pootle day sometime, around London maybe. You must have timed your visit well because they did go missing for 24 hours once I realised what a loon I am, not knowing what day it is.
      Hump day is done and I have Friday off hooray x:-)x

  6. A very charming town. It reminded me the narrow, narrow street in Spain, tourists and local pedestrians had to step to the small door ways of those houses to let the car drive through. Beautiful photos here, Gilly. 🙂

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