Flora, Berries and Seeds on a Nature Walk

A few days ago Meg posted a memoir of some the amazing walks she has taken so far in her lifetime. She talks of walking on Broken Hill, even the name evokes wonder, casuarinas looking south to Gulaga and a father emu with his nine babies. When she wrote of ‘heathland flowering up to our neck’, I compared the abundance of flora and fauna with here in England.

Then yesterday I went for a short dog walk beside the river and canal, and observing my surroundings I became aware of just how much there was to see. exe1

Lots of seed heads, Queen Anne’s Lace I believe.

More seeds and grasses.

Flowers galore!
and some early blackberries.
This wasn’t a planned photo walk so I only had my silly i phone, but these were all taken in less than a mile, without searching very hard. Sometimes the unexpected brings the most pleasure.

I’ve decided to call this a nature walk and link to Jo’s Monday Walk. The Exeter canal runs parallel to the river Exe for around six miles. The canal is great for walking, or cycling, as long as unlike me, you can stay upright on a bike, and there are several watering holes along the way. I hope it fits Jo!

This Glastonbury, not THAT Glastonbury

Back around April I spent the day in Glastonbury for my friend, Lindy’s, birthday. I remember that it was close to Easter because I noticed the cross in the grounds of the ruined abbey. easter

Many people believe that Glastonbury is the birth place of Christianity in Britain, Joseph of Arimathea is said to have arrived there on his journeys, spreading the word of Christ. After spending the night on a hill with his followers, Joseph is said to have placed his staff into the ground, it then grew into a hawthorn tree. The tree or its descendant still exists you’ll find it in my Challice Well Garden post. glas3
I didn’t go around the abbey, the time we had didn’t justify the cost on that day, but I’d like to go back.

Around the town, the sights are always colourful, with interesting shop fronts.

Little alleys,



and a town centre,
with interesting characters,
and some rather weird signs.
But here’s a good old Church of England to restore some normality!
So, if you’re looking for something alternative Glastonbury is the place for you, it’s the only place I’ve ever been offered cannabis on the street, it was many years ago, perhaps I looked the part, needless to say I didn’t buy it!

Kalash take to the floor

As some of you know I went to the Mid Devon show with my friend yesterday, exhibiting crafts (more hers than mine) and aside from selling a few things it’s a great day out. The highlight of the day for me was the performance by Kalash Tribal, twenty minutes of magic. Here they are,

I took many photos, in an attempt to show the movement, style and how vibrant these women are, click an image to get a bigger view.

What do you think? If you ever get the opportunity, go and see them.

A bit close up

I think Brie-Anne means quite a bit closer than my interpretation for the photo challenge this week, but hey I’m getting ready for this years Mid Devon Show tomorrow, so time is even tighter than usual.

Here are five (quite) close ups for you.

I might see what I can get close up to tomorrow weather permitting. Have a good weekend and if you want to join the challenge it’s here.

Kalash Tribal, Fat Chance and Congo

I wish I could re-blog directly from BlogSpot, but as this isn’t possible, I’m sharing this important link with you. I first came across American Tribal Style dance two years ago when Kalash Tribal were performing at the Mid Devon Show. I was mesmerised by them and sent them a couple of photos I’d taken on the day. Since then I’ve seen them again and followed their activities on Facebook.
Kelley Beeston teaches the troop, as well as performing. But there is so much more to this lady than her dance. I noticed that she travelled to Congo to do voluntary work with women, that’s CONGO, an article in the Guardian a few years ago described it as the worst place in the world to be a woman. So Kelley has fundraised for a fishing net, contraceptives and sewing machines, to help them to help themselves climb out of poverty.These are women who have survived torture and rape, they deserve all the help they can get to change their future. With her husband Kelley has started a Community Interest Company, luminosity.org
These are Kelley’s words from her Facebook page.

Tonight I cried. I cried because a woman who is so very important to me revealed her vulnerable side publicly. I cried because she recognises the need of so many other vulnerable women. I cried because she wrote an appeal – please help if you are able

She included a link to Fat Chance belly Dance blog page where Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman has appealed for help for this important cause.

If you can help in any little way please do. If you can't help financially – I know that times are hard, please spread the word, re-blog, post about it, create a post sharing Carolena's blog, tweet and share on Facebook.
Thank you for reading.