Flora, Berries and Seeds on a Nature Walk

A few days ago Meg posted a memoir of some the amazing walks she has taken so far in her lifetime. She talks of walking on Broken Hill, even the name evokes wonder, casuarinas looking south to Gulaga and a father emu with his nine babies. When she wrote of ‘heathland flowering up to our neck’, I compared the abundance of flora and fauna with here in England.

Then yesterday I went for a short dog walk beside the river and canal, and observing my surroundings I became aware of just how much there was to see. exe1

Lots of seed heads, Queen Anne’s Lace I believe.

More seeds and grasses.

Flowers galore!
and some early blackberries.
This wasn’t a planned photo walk so I only had my silly i phone, but these were all taken in less than a mile, without searching very hard. Sometimes the unexpected brings the most pleasure.

I’ve decided to call this a nature walk and link to Jo’s Monday Walk. The Exeter canal runs parallel to the river Exe for around six miles. The canal is great for walking, or cycling, as long as unlike me, you can stay upright on a bike, and there are several watering holes along the way. I hope it fits Jo!