Strolling the garden in the wood

National Trust Knightshayes invites you to ‘Discover magic in the woods’. Apparently its garden in the woods, created in the 1950’s, is the only one of its kind in existence. I walked there on Sunday, when I found this little path, leading away from the formal garden. IMG_1532_
and found myself in a world that was magical indeed, it felt like anything could happen. IMG_1503_
There were ancient giants, IMG_1528_
some with arms outstretched to catch you.


Funky seed heads,

Bark that Meg would like to stroke.
Delicate froths of fluff.

A giant sequoia
and an elegant maple.

This little walk was enchanting, rich in texture, colour, light and shade. Birdsong filled the air, as did the fragrance of years of fallen leaves on the ground. I hope you enjoyed the garden in the woods,¬†perhaps you’ll go one day. I’m sharing it with Jo, for her Monday walk. Join her here.