A bit close up

I think Brie-Anne means quite a bit closer than my interpretation for the photo challenge this week, but hey I’m getting ready for this years Mid Devon Show tomorrow, so time is even tighter than usual.

Here are five (quite) close ups for you.

I might see what I can get close up to tomorrow weather permitting. Have a good weekend and if you want to join the challenge it’s here.

26 thoughts on “A bit close up

  1. Love the Napoleon quote, Gilly.Is this possibly the cover of your journal? That snake would make a very nice pair of shoes. 🙂 Just kidding. Hope the show goes well and the weather is kind. Enjoy. xx

  2. I think you are definitely close enough! Love the iridescent wings – how marvellous to capture that. And enjoy your show tomorrow. Hope the sun shines 🙂

  3. Love the pattern on the snake, definitely close enough for that. Are you exhibiting tomorrow? I love country shows. Hope the weather is kind for you.

  4. So, what are you showing in the Mid Devon show? Good luck, whatever it may be! I love the close up of the snake and that saying is great: “Impossible is not in my dictionary.” 🙂

  5. Just very marvelous. I love the rock one with a view. And the bee in the flower. And the snake! All cool shots. Great takes on the prompt.

  6. don’t want to have a snake nor an elephant too close up – but maybe the belly dancers you will see tomorrow (I’ve no problems to look into the future, I’m wise enough!)

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