This Glastonbury, not THAT Glastonbury

Back around April I spent the day in Glastonbury for my friend, Lindy’s, birthday. I remember that it was close to Easter because I noticed the cross in the grounds of the ruined abbey. easter

Many people believe that Glastonbury is the birth place of Christianity in Britain, Joseph of Arimathea is said to have arrived there on his journeys, spreading the word of Christ. After spending the night on a hill with his followers, Joseph is said to have placed his staff into the ground, it then grew into a hawthorn tree. The tree or its descendant still exists you’ll find it in my Challice Well Garden post. glas3
I didn’t go around the abbey, the time we had didn’t justify the cost on that day, but I’d like to go back.

Around the town, the sights are always colourful, with interesting shop fronts.

Little alleys,



and a town centre,
with interesting characters,
and some rather weird signs.
But here’s a good old Church of England to restore some normality!
So, if you’re looking for something alternative Glastonbury is the place for you, it’s the only place I’ve ever been offered cannabis on the street, it was many years ago, perhaps I looked the part, needless to say I didn’t buy it!


26 thoughts on “This Glastonbury, not THAT Glastonbury

  1. I have never been to Glastonbury. What a colourful, quirky, bohemian, hippy-dippy town! I loved wandering around with you. And the lady in black could well have been Jo’s lovely daughter Lisa, it is the sort of lovely outfit she would wear.

    1. Really? then Lisa would be happy there. I love visiting for my hippy fix, but the café I’ve always been to was gone and it was hard to beat. You would love the Challice Well. 🙂

      1. I loved your garden photos. I think I’d like a couple of weeks in a cottage around here. I also want to visit Wells cathedral and Cheddar Gorge.

      2. Wells is nice, I haven’t been to Cheddar gorge since I was little, but I went to the village a couple of years ago when a friend lived there, it was very touristy. Add Shaftesbury to that trip if you go, plus Tintinhull and Margery Fish!

  2. Love the colourful buildings; right up my street. As for cannabis on the street come down my way to Brixton and you get to choose your favourite variety – they haven’t quite reached the point where you can try a sample – ‘super-smooth Mexican with its chilli notes’ sort of thing – but a matter of time!

  3. Yes, Lisa would fit in well there. I thought that too, Gilly 🙂 It certainly looks an interesting place.
    Have you changed themes again? I love the street scene at the top! Nice big photos too 🙂

  4. That was so interesting. I wanted to get to Glastonbury when I was in the UK but didn’t have time. Now I feel like I have a sense of it. It looks similar to Byron Bay over here in Oz but Byron is tropical and doesn’t have the ancient Christain mystique.

  5. A lovely stroll in a place not unlike Tilba near that home: what’s it called??? Although without that kind of history. However Tilba is at the foot of Gulaga. Interesting photos and people, and of course glorious ruins.

    The smell of incense is evocative now – but overpowering, and it makes me breathless.

  6. Thank you for the tour of Glastonbury. I love everything about it. The colorful shops would be irrisistable for me. I think charming places like this have so many interesting things to see and enjoy. Great post, Gilly. 😄
    p.s. Did I mention that I like your new blog theme very much? I think it highlights your photos beautifully. 🙂

    1. Yes you would definitely like Glastonbury, its very colourful and the little shops are fascinating. I’m quite pleased with my theme, the previous one had got a bit boring, glad you like it Issy, thank you 🙂

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