The Lazy Poets Thursday Poem, Seaside Supper


my favourite ice cream entices me

 wrapped in woolly scarf and gloves

on an evening that looks like summer

 for a walk to Orcombe by the sea

a hoard of pulled along people

in the charge of manic dogs

young love displayed in the sand dunes

I wonder if they notice the view

of the waves tumbling and rattling

the shingle in their wake

or the gaggle of dark and white geese

resting on barnacled rocks and weed

the board paddling Poseidons hold me balanced

between entertainment and anxiety

as they reach the distant sand bank

then float on the current out to sea

hoping they won’t need the lifeboat

I find shelter from the wind

 sit back with my supper from Krispies

the best haddock and chips there could be