I Wish I was Ten Again

That’s what I felt like at Holly Hill Country Park last week. It’s on the edge of Fareham in Hampshire and I went with my daughter and family so that Scarlett could feed the ducks. Very nice ducks they were too, Buff ducks!

There were pretty bridges, wooden steps and muddy banks. A beautiful bench that would have fitted Jude’s July theme and several woodland art pieces. The list of flora and fauna is really impressive, the planting is subtle and naturalistic. With trees as varied as Dawn Redwood, Cork Oak, Gleditsia, Hornbeam and Japanese Cherry, it’s a real arboretum. A variety of bats, stoats, voles and hare are among twenty eight mammals listed.

Here are some photos, apart from ducks, the only wildlife are the granddaughters!

Amazingly this lovely place is free to visit. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, see some more of Jo’s Monday Walks here.

Inspiring Devon

I’m late posting the Weekly Photo Challenge, mega busyness. The theme is Inspiration this week, I’ve been thinking about it and finding it difficult to pin down. In the end I was looking through Lucid Gypsy, some photos, and the my regular Lazy Poet’s Haiku posts. Then it fell into place, my county, Devon in the south west of England is so often my inspiration. So here are a few photos in a gallery so that you can see why.

What inspires you? You can share it here.