Inspiring Devon

I’m late posting the Weekly Photo Challenge, mega busyness. The theme is Inspiration this week, I’ve been thinking about it and finding it difficult to pin down. In the end I was looking through Lucid Gypsy, some photos, and the my regular Lazy Poet’s Haiku posts. Then it fell into place, my county, Devon in the south west of England is so often my inspiration. So here are a few photos in a gallery so that you can see why.

What inspires you? You can share it here.


14 thoughts on “Inspiring Devon

  1. Very inspiring, indeed. I love to see photos of your home area. That’s one of the greatest things about “The Dorset Rambler’s” posts as well. He shows us all the lovely topography of his native land.

  2. Wow, beautiful inspiration! My favorite is the one of the beach chairs – the color of the sky, the water, the pebbles, and the patterns of the chairs make it such a stunning picture.

  3. I can see why Devon would be a source of inspiration, so much variety in the county from two very different coasts, rivers, Dartmoor, towns and cities, and you show it all so well πŸ™‚

  4. No wonder you love your place. This post pays beautiful tribute to its diversity, tranquillity and beauty. I must try a similar tribute to that place – what’s it called? – where I lived once eight months ago. It might be a good way to nest back in.

      1. As I get older and it is not really possible to travel so far (it is the long plane flight!!! ) I really enjoy all my English blogging friends posts to remind me how beautiful my birthplace is.

  5. Is that lavender growing amongst the trees? Spectacular color. I agree with you it is a beautifully inspiring place. These are fantastic photos. You need to find a job at a local paper and showcase your photos for travel. Well done, Gilly. 😎

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