The Exmouth Blues

To the west of the main seafront at Exmouth is the Exe estuary, it’s been a favourite place of mine since childhood and I’ve posted many photos taken there. Every couple of weeks a friend picks me up from work, and its become a habit on summer evenings to head to the coast, for fish and chips, a paddle and a Pimms on the balcony at the Grove. On Thursday we managed the paddle and fish and chips but the pub balcony was full, so we kept walking towards the marina.


This used to be a scruffy, but fascinating, working dock, now the apartments here are very expensive. I’m torn between thinking I’d like to live there and thinking its all a bit sterile and elitist.


Leave the apartments behind for a while and enjoy the view.


Across the estuary towards Dawlish Warren.


The tide was very high on the remains of the beach where I used to play, the blue moon was on its way.


There’s still  some fishing work taking place, thank goodness.


and a lot of blue.

as the sky and buildings fight for the boldest colour.

Turn the last corner, here is the bridge that replaced the rickety one I remember, and the sun shined on, a perfect Devon evening.


18 thoughts on “The Exmouth Blues

  1. Some of your most vivid photos here Gilly – love them blues ❤
    And I wouldn't mind living in an apartment overlooking views like these, though I suspect they are a bit rich for my pockets. Now I fancy fish 'n' chips with loads of malt vinegar…

  2. An inspired post, with beautiful writing (“as the sky and buildings fight for the boldest colour”; “the blue moon was on its way”), as well as beautiful photos, my favourite the fish traps (?). All those lovely circles. I’d love to gatecrash your summer evenings with your friend. It sounds idyllic – and I think I’m missing my friends. This time next week we’ll be nearly home.

  3. What an uplifting and colourful post! Not at all like the title would have you think! I have never visited Exmouth though it’s on my list now…thank you for sharing Devon’s sunny skies!

  4. I remember Pimms from my teenage years Gilly, haven’t had one since I left England, I think I’ll have to gate crash your outing as well. Those blues are brilliant…

  5. The colors are so bright and cheerful. I would love to go every week too. The fish and chips sound yummy. What is primms? I, especially, like the 2nd photo with the boats on the beach. It seems like a very relaxing place to go. Another group of great photos, Gilly, and post. Thank you for sharing them. 😎

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