Boxing Day on the Beach

Yesterday I admired Jo’s lovely beach photos and commented that I haven’t been to the beach for ages. Then, after lunch the sun came out, there was a perfect blue sky for a while, it just had to be grabbed, Exmouth called. We were there in twenty minutes,

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The only problem was,

like an army of ants, everyone else was there as well!

But Lindy and the dogs just chilled.

The dogs and I got wet feet, and fun was had by all.

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Last call, as Rommel would say.

Six Word Saturday

Daisy’s first walk for a week!


Poor little Daisy has had a bad back, so she hasn’t been allowed out, or up and down steps. She’s happiest when she’s sniffing around, disappearing in the undergrowth in the woods, or dancing around the park, so she’s been feeling sorry for herself. I think she’s come out in sympathy with Jo!

What’s a’Float?

Krista at the Daily Post has chosen the them of Afloat for this weeks photo challenge. I wanted to avoid the obvious, much as I love boats, so this is what I came up with.
First of all, on the beach last weekend Dido came close to being afloat and certainly looks as if she is!didoafloat
I think she was surprised at the speed of the waves coming in.
Maybe Scarlett is using her toy box as a boat, who knows what goes on in the mind of a toddler. scarlettafloat
And lastly, I took this photo of a local pub many years ago. At the time I used photoshop 7 and played with the Omni effect on this photo. I’ve always thought it makes the pub look like it’s floating in the canal.doublelockssphere copy
Do you agree?
If you would like to join in visit the daily post to see lots of entries.

Down in the dumps Daisy

Little Daisy Border Terrorist has been slowly growing a skin tag on her eyelid, just under her eyelashes. It started as a little dot not doing much, but then seemed to turn grow to about 7mm almost overnight, so it had to go. The vet said that it would be no problem, just a little discomfort for a few days. She came home, head surrounded with a Buster Collar, very sleepy but still hungry. She had her eyelid shaved and it was quite swollen. Usually Daisy and her sister Dido like to groom each other several times a day so the collar helps prevent that, as well as protecting her from getting anything in her eye. She hates it! She tries to scratch or roll it off and she can’t judge how much space it takes up.  Going up and down steps is a challenge and scrambling through the dog flap into the garden is impossible.

Weekends usually mean extended walks, somewhere the dogs really enjoy, but Daisy isn’t allowed off the lead for ten days.


Today we went to the cemetery, a nice stroll for me, with spring blossom around every corner.


Daisy didn’t feel the same at all, she wasn’t able to do her doggy stuff. Border terriers like nothing more than chasing through the woods and undergrowth, scrabbling in hedges, after some real or imaginary prey – rabbits, mice and rats. They loathe squirrels and the cemetery is full of them, I’ve seen Daisy climb six foot up a tree trunk in an attempt to catch one.


Here she is looking sorry for herself. She has perked up a bit through the day, so she’s on the mend, bless her and Dido has resisted ‘cleaning’ her wounds!

A Bench with Daisy

Jude at is running a monthly challenge with the theme of benches this year and January’s topic is ‘In the Garden. I’ve already posted one photo but I came across this one today and as it made me smile maybe you will too. daisy bench This is Daisy, I don’t remember what she was laughing at, but this is a typical Daisy expression and it comes with a happy ‘grrrhhh’ and a lot of tail wagging. She was probably enjoying the fresh air at Hartland Abbey garden in north Devon. Or maybe she wanted me to sit on the bench so she could have a rest too!

Anthropomorphism or what?

So I’ve just made a bandana for Dido. I don’t think she’s too amused, but I can’t be certain because like me, she is camera shy. Whenever I see dogs wearing them I think they are cute and finally I got round to it, guess what? the fabric is leftover from a top that I made for myself!


Does anyone else’s dog have a bandana? Diamond studded collar? Raincoat? Or do you think they look ridiculous? Answers on a postcard please 🙂