Boxing Day on the Beach

Yesterday I admired Jo’s lovely beach photos and commented that I haven’t been to the beach for ages. Then, after lunch the sun came out, there was a perfect blue sky for a while, it just had to be grabbed, Exmouth called. We were there in twenty minutes,

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The only problem was,

like an army of ants, everyone else was there as well!

But Lindy and the dogs just chilled.

The dogs and I got wet feet, and fun was had by all.

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Last call, as Rommel would say.


12 thoughts on “Boxing Day on the Beach

  1. So they weren’t ALL in Cornwall then? We went out on Wednesday to St Ives and drove around every car park looking for a space until deciding to head elsewhere, which also proved a nightmare to park! You would have thought it to be mid August by the crowds! I hope we get some sunny days next month so I can visit the beach and not have to share it. Or is that a little bit selfish? Walking on a beach in winter is one of the delights of having moved here. I love just watching the rollers.

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