Conceptual Photography

If you’re up for a really tricky photography challenge this week, Paula is the girl. Try your hand at conceptual photography she says.


What on earth is that? Well obviously it’s photography of a concept, she tells us. She’s added some links that explain, one, a wiki, says that it’s a type of photography that illustrates an idea.

While I was walking the dogs in the cemetery I went to visit my favourite tree, this Ginkgo. It was completely bare and I picked up a handful of it’s fan shaped leaves, thinking I could do something with them. There were many more fallen leaves, I compared their colours and the way they decayed and my mind kept returning to the word fallen. When I woke yesterday I had my idea, and this it.


Does this photo meet Paula’s Thursday Special challenge? Are you ready to give it a try as well? In case you’re wondering, the original photo is also mine and has been featured here before.