Conceptual Photography

If you’re up for a really tricky photography challenge this week, Paula is the girl. Try your hand at conceptual photography she says.


What on earth is that? Well obviously it’s photography of a concept, she tells us. She’s added some links that explain, one, a wiki, says that it’s a type of photography that illustrates an idea.

While I was walking the dogs in the cemetery I went to visit my favourite tree, this Ginkgo. It was completely bare and I picked up a handful of it’s fan shaped leaves, thinking I could do something with them. There were many more fallen leaves, I compared their colours and the way they decayed and my mind kept returning to the word fallen. When I woke yesterday I had my idea, and this it.


Does this photo meet Paula’s Thursday Special challenge? Are you ready to give it a try as well? In case you’re wondering, the original photo is also mine and has been featured here before.


18 thoughts on “Conceptual Photography

  1. That is brilliant my friend. It sends the mind skittering over all the similarities and differences between the two images. For leaves “fallen” is a natural part of the life cycle. I’m resisting like billy-o seeing war in the same light. And then there’s the soldier carrying his mate, probably a heart’s-beat away from fallen himself. Death might be part of the natural cycle, but death in war?? A beauty in fallen leaves. But where’s the beauty in fallen soldiers? I love the golden peep of the ginkgo leaf, suggesting vast periods of time – 270 million years. No human war then! All in all, a triumphant piece of conceptual photography. Dare I send hugs to the creator of this triumph?

  2. Ginkgo is my favourite tree, and I even drink the extract. I am glad that you could find a golden leaf still. In a park near my work, they are all brown gray and long gone. This was a really good idea, Gilly, and I am flattered that you participated. Thank you 🙂 Next challenge is coming a week after next.

  3. I like this. I do create art and admire anyone that does and with your photo and these leaves it really all comes together in a wonderful way to tell a story with no words needed. Well done!

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