Lazy Poet’s Thursday Tanka


This tree calls to me

calls to me each November

quietly whispers

don’t worry see you in spring

then we will both be renewed



11 thoughts on “Lazy Poet’s Thursday Tanka

  1. Bless it! All the colour has been drained out of me lately, Gilly. It’s almost take to the armchair with a tartan blanket time of year 🙂 Lovely tree and lovely hopeful words. Happy Thursday!

  2. What a cheerful tree clinging on to it s leaves (a Ginkgo?) when all around they are bare. Oh, yes, spring. Only winter to get through… I think I shall copy Jo and find myself a tartan blanket 🙂

  3. A beautiful tanka. I love the conversational tone, and the repetition works beautifully. A long time to wait for renewal, as I’m realising under fog, with subzero looming. 35° at (other) home the other day: J returns next week having stored this up for here, I hope.

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