Happy New Year

New Years Eve is here, time to get some special groceries, if you’re expecting guests.

Take the dog for the last walk of 2016.

Before it’s too dark.

Choose a recipe for dinner.

Tidy up the sitting room.

Get your glad rags on.

Before your friends arrive.

Christmas is nearly over, enjoy the lights while you can.

Settle down to sleep.

When you wake up it will be 2017, Happy New Year everyone!


A Familiar Walk

When I saw this weeks photo challenge, my first reaction was to post a Dartmoor path, and I started hunting for photos I like. As I searched I started thinking about walking the dogs on Christmas Eve, in Heavitree park. My earliest memories of the park are from when, aged about six, I’d walk home from school on my own, for lunch. This is the way I walked,

path1This photo looks a bit creepy, but it wasn’t back then and wasn’t on Saturday, I was snapping into full sun.

path2There were few trees on the left, those thatwhere there were mostly lost in the 1987 storms, and the ones above were planted a couple of years later. You can just about see the remains of some that were lost at the time.

path3A little further down the path are some of the old ones that survived.

path4And some, like this old giant, have since been lost. In autumn I posted some fungi growing on this tree, I can’t  help wondering what will happen to it now it’s had it’s branches chopped off.

path5That’s how long it’s stood there, since four years after the park was created.

path6This one died from the inside and now it’s finally fallen, it’s become a miniature habitat for all kinds of creature.

path8Many trees have been made into rustic seats, this one seems to have lost it’s balance.

path7This skateboard and bike area needs refurbishing. When I was little, it was always full of kids, with swings, a seesaw and a roundabout. No soft padded ground to fall onto in those days, if you didn’t hold tight enough, not only would it hurt, but you would probably have had a telling off from ‘Parkie’, the ever present park keeper, for messing about! It was surrounded by a painted metal fence back then, now more of the dead trees provide a barrier. There’s a whole new play area now, with a paddling pool, and it’s all fenced off to keep dogs out.


It’s still a lovely little park, with plenty of wonderful trees, and it hold many memories for me. I’ve played hide and seek in the bushes and walked home from a club in the early hours of the morning in my teens, and stopped there with my boyfriend for a snog on a bench. I’ve pushed my children and grandchildren in prams, on bikes, on swings and slides.

So that’s my simple little path, you can walk the whole circle in ten minutes. Or you can dawdle in spring when the crocus push their little heads up, smell the roses in high summer, and marvel at the autumn colour. For those in the know, there’s even a mulberry tree, but I’m not telling where.

Cheri asked that we consider our path for this weeks photo challenge.


Boxing Day on the Beach

Yesterday I admired Jo’s lovely beach photos and commented that I haven’t been to the beach for ages. Then, after lunch the sun came out, there was a perfect blue sky for a while, it just had to be grabbed, Exmouth called. We were there in twenty minutes,

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The only problem was,

like an army of ants, everyone else was there as well!

But Lindy and the dogs just chilled.

The dogs and I got wet feet, and fun was had by all.

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Last call, as Rommel would say.

Six Word Saturday


Seasons Greetings from my little town.

snowy-catherdralThere will be no snow in Exeter this Christmas, a very mild 14 degrees is forecast for tomorrow. Even I wouldn’t have minded a very light sprinkle for a day.

This year has brought it’s challenges, but those trials make us stronger, wiser people don’t they? It’s also been a year of happy experiences, some travel, back to Spain and around the UK, meeting friends old and new. All in all, while I’ll never be wealthy, I’m a very lucky girl with a full and rich life.

Thank you all for your company, your visits and lovely comments. Even though I often don’t have time to respond, I love to hear from you and I learn from you every day.

So as we look towards 2017, I wish each of you a very Happy Christmas season, and most of all a peaceful, healthy new year.

The picture of Exeter Cathedral above, is ‘borrowed’ from the Facebook group, Exeter Memories and I believe it’s actually a Christmas card, one that I’ve sent and received in the past.

Weekly Photo Challenge, Anticipation

This week, share a photo that says anticipationA candid shot of your niece, eager to blow out the candles on her birthday cake. A photo from the trip you’d long dreamed of. An image of something you hope to have one day, or something that was worth the wait. For those who celebrate Christmas, how about a photo of the stockings hung by the chimney with care?

Right about know, Santa is getting ready for the busiest night of his year, a bit like year end in my office. I’m sure the elves are working their socks off and Mrs Claus is planning to make the biggest packed lunch ever, she doesn’t know how many mince pies her husband eats on his journey.

One of Santa’s very important helpers, Vixen, in anticipation of next Saturday, is getting as much rest as possible, snoozing in the barn.


Michelle created this weeks challenge, see her cute cat anticipating mice for dinner.