Six Word Saturday


Seasons Greetings from my little town.

snowy-catherdralThere will be no snow in Exeter this Christmas, a very mild 14 degrees is forecast for tomorrow. Even I wouldn’t have minded a very light sprinkle for a day.

This year has brought it’s challenges, but those trials make us stronger, wiser people don’t they? It’s also been a year of happy experiences, some travel, back to Spain and around the UK, meeting friends old and new. All in all, while I’ll never be wealthy, I’m a very lucky girl with a full and rich life.

Thank you all for your company, your visits and lovely comments. Even though I often don’t have time to respond, I love to hear from you and I learn from you every day.

So as we look towards 2017, I wish each of you a very Happy Christmas season, and most of all a peaceful, healthy new year.

The picture of Exeter Cathedral above, is ‘borrowed’ from the Facebook group, Exeter Memories and I believe it’s actually a Christmas card, one that I’ve sent and received in the past.


19 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. Happy Christmas, Gilly. We were hoping for a few snowflakes here for Christmas, as they make the city look magical with all of the lights, but it looks like it will me a mild day here as well. Wishing you a great start to the new year!

  2. I like that card – the hint of red is so nice. I can see why folks use it and like it.
    And glad you had time to travel and also embrace the ups and downs – ahhh
    Happy new year!

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