April was a sad month

April this year was one of the saddest months ever, so I haven’t been around here very much. It began with the death of my youngest sister, Daberechi, in Lagos. She was very young, and I can’t believe that I’ll never see her again.

The month ended with the loss of Daisy, one of our border terriers, Dido’s litter sister. She hadn’t been herself for a few weeks, showing signs of age, she was nearly thirteen. But when she went off her food, Steven, the vet investigated further and blood tests revealed that her liver was seriously damaged. We had to make the decision to let her go. So last Saturday, she danced over the rainbow bridge, as we stroked her, and told her we love her.

Dido is pining for her sister, they were never apart. She saw her die, but who knows what she understands. She seems to be waiting for her to come home.

Each time we lose someone, whether it’s a person or a precious pet who’s been a member of the family, all the other losses we’ve experienced come rushing back. I’m crying over the sorrows of now and of the past, but at the same time finding joy in little things.

Here’s sweet Daisy, a few years ago. This week my daughter told me that Scarlett who is four was picking Daisies for Daisy. How will we explain to her when she visits in a few weeks?

Right now Dido is at my feet, keen to go for a walk, so we’re off out, so she can find some joy in the park today.


20 thoughts on “April was a sad month

  1. As someone whose family is still in mourning for my son-in-law who died a year ago, I may understand something of your grief, though losing someone who is part of your childhood must be particularly hard. Thinking of you.

  2. Oh, Gilly, I have been thinking of you lately …. Sending you hugs, and I know you will find your own ways of coping

  3. She was such a little beauty! Eternally beautiful now, and always with you in your heart, Gilly. 🙂 🙂 I’m so sorry for your sad month. Sometimes things just come tumbling in on us and we wonder what we’ve done to deserve them. Nothing in your case, hon. A warmer, sweeter person I never met. The fun will bubble back up, Gilly. We’re all sending hugs your way.

  4. Horrid that these things all seem to happen together; your sadness must be weighing you down at the moment and sometimes it is hard to look up and see the light. But I know you will come to terms with your losses in your own time and bounce back. And we will be here, as usual. Take care Gilly and I WILL see you soon. That’s a threat promise 🙂

  5. Sympathy and hugs my dear. Now each April will carry these sadnesses: it’s become a cruel month for you. It’s hard enough to explain death to yourself, let alone a four year old and a grieving dog. You and Dido both lost sisters, and both feel the same sense of deep missing – dogs and humans aren’t very different. The photo of Daisy is a beauty and so is the image of her dancing across the rainbow bridge.

  6. I can imagine your pain. It’s just too final when we realize that we won’t ever see a loved one once they die. My deepest sympathies. You and Dido must be feeling low at this point. I hope that time will help the healing.

  7. Oh Gilly, I’m so sorry that the end of the month was tough too. Hope as you take a day at a time in May that the little moments of joy soon begin to turn into days of joy. Thinking of you and sending hugs x

  8. I popped over to see why I haven’t seen your smiling avatar on my blog and came upon this post.
    Dear, dear Gilly. My deepest condolensces on your losses. Such a sorrowful month. So much pain for you to endure and have to get past. Losing those we love never gets easy. It’s the present sadness that raises those past heartaches again. BUT … Daisy was a good companion. She filled your life with joy for many years. Those are the best things to recall during this time. Your hugs and love will be the best help you can give Dido. She no-doubt misses her sister very much. Animals, like people, feel loss. It’s up to us to give them the feeling that everything is still going to be okay. My eyes welled up with tears when I read about Daisy. The photographic posts you’ve added on your blog made me feel like I knew her. I will keep you in my prayful meditations for healing. You will always have Daisy in your heart. Blessings … 🙏🏻

  9. I’m so sorry to read of your terrible losses, dear Gilly. Sisters are so precious. Dear Daisy must have had a wonderful life with you and your family. All we can do is remember the good times. *hugs*

  10. Dear Gilly, So sad to learn about your losses. Losing a sister is so sad. There is so much shared history that no one else will totally understand. And then to say good bye to Daisy….
    Thank you for sharing with us.

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