Lazy Poet’s Thursday . . .

fallen blossom

All winter I longed for signs of spring

now the April of dreams is passing with haste,

leaving this world like my sister who’s late.

it would be easy to dread this month of loss

instead I’ll make memories with those I love.

I’ll eat birthday cake in a garden of sunshine

laugh, eat chocolate, drink fizz with friends.

and lie in the bluebells watching the heavens

through a canopy of oak in an iron age fort.

I’ll breathe the fragrance of blossom,

then I’ll honour and give thanks

for each flower that’s spent.




13 thoughts on “Lazy Poet’s Thursday . . .

  1. I’m reading your poem with tears in my eyes, watching the sky and thinking of you.
    Beautiful flowers express much of precious life and memories. Hugs, Gilly.

  2. Lazy responder’s Friday! I wasn’t really lazy: this lovely reflection of your feelings about a world without your sister required more than a hurried comment. Your poem manages to be beautifully elegiac and joyful at the same time. I love the image of you among the bluebells – it suggests so many things about what life has to offer, and puts the here and now in the context of the distant past and the cosmos. The last three lines are a very moving tribute. I send you hugs direct: be joyful with Jo, and make sure she hands over the ones I entrusted to her for you!

  3. Beautiful words . . .sending you lots of hugs, and hoping that each and every day becomes a little bit easier than the one that has passed x

  4. A beautiful poem filled with inspiration. Yes, making memories with our loved ones is far greater than anything. To life my dear friend, to life …
    Blessings to you … May your Mothers Day be filled with more love than your heart can hold.
    Issy 🙏🏻

  5. Such a heartfelt write since your sister’s passing and beautifully rendered. She is with you and in your heart and loving every moment you take another photo, write another poem. Loved the write. Perhaps you will write more to go with your photos? Just a thought. Hope you are doing well.

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