Thursday Special, Illusion

St Pancras church in the hear of Exeter sits right in the centre of a shopping centre. It’s built from Heavitree stone and is mostly 13th centuryn but with an 11th century font. It’s tiny, 46 x 16 feet, and is one of the oldest churches in the country with a chancel and nave.

As well as shops, it’s now surrounded by restaurants. I caught this i phone photo though the window of Comptoir Libanais. I’m not sure if the lady in the roof is real or just an illusion, maybe Paula will know, I’ve posted it for her Thursday special.


A Poem Found

I’ve often thought I’d have a go at found poetry, but it wasn’t until yesterday when I saw Cheryl’s re-blog of a post by CB Wentworth that I was inspired enough to try.

Cheryl  responded to my comment by asking me to post if I tried, so here it is.

I didn’t have an appropriate pen and have no idea where my paints are, so I used a whiteboard marker and a biro.

Do pop over to both Cheryl and CB, ‘Fire’ is absolutely beautiful. I’m going to try this again soon, it was good fun. Thanks again Cheryl, this could be addictive.