A Poem Found

I’ve often thought I’d have a go at found poetry, but it wasn’t until yesterday when I https://cherylandrews.wordpress.com/2017/03/30/fire/#comment-8474 saw Cheryl’s re-blog of a post by CB Wentworth that I was inspired enough to try.

Cheryl  responded to my comment by asking me to post if I tried, so here it is.

I didn’t have an appropriate pen and have no idea where my paints are, so I used a whiteboard marker and a biro.

Do pop over to both Cheryl and CB, ‘Fire’ is absolutely beautiful. I’m going to try this again soon, it was good fun. Thanks again Cheryl, this could be addictive.



17 thoughts on “A Poem Found

  1. What fun this is, and what a beauty you’ve created. I made a number of such when I was writing teaching notes to go with the school magazine, hoping primary school kids would have as much fun playing around as I did.

      1. You’re far too generous! I’ve got blog-ideas coming out my ears – nine drafts, I think, at last look. I’ll add it to the list. How did you go about it. I cut out words that caught my fancy from headlines, and then physically moved them around. I think I was working to a predetermined theme too, tied to the story the lesson idea was attached to.

      2. I’ve always got lots I’d like to post but not enough time!I found a book I’d bought in a charity shop, pulled out a page, ringed around some likely words and blacked out the rest of the page 🙂

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